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Our Public Transport Needs Ignored by MP

By Bleasby News Bleasby Parish Council

Friday, 10 March 2023


Bleasby Community Volunteers


Recently received a response from our MP, Robert Jenrick (see images attached).
Very disappointing the lack of information from Mr. Jenrick. We have waited a year to have his involvement help improve the public transportation poverty our local government forces us to remain in.
As a parish, we did all the work to help government see our situation. I have asked prior to receiving this letter, what was it Mr. Jenrick was requesting on our behalf and when had he made contact with DofT. It looks like it took 8 months and me regularly chasing he and his office up for action, to make that happen. What still remains a mystery, is that we don’t know what he had asked. What we do know is that DofT said no.
We still have no update as to providing our village an alternative to the train by giving us a bus service.
Any offers of assistance here would be greatly appreciate.
Thank you,
Janene Scurfield

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