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Still time left to find a nest for your egg......

By Bleasby News Team Bleasby Community Website

Thursday, 15 April 2021


Bleasby Community Volunteers


This Easter there has been a family Easter Hunt for young children taking place in Bleasby, based on the series of books written by Fiona Watt.

So far, over 40 eggs have been laid in Glebe Field so if you haven't yet taken yours, there is still time!

You are invited to firstly paint an egg-like stone and then take it with you around a trail of “nests” to, at last, find a nest of its very own.

The trail is of nine ground-level “nests” which starts at Cherry Cottage on Main Street (opposite Orchard Close) and makes its way around the Jubilee Ponds following clues which will be found at each “nest” and, at last, to reach a large family nest placed in the village “centre” in which to “lay” your painted (stone) egg.

Children must be accompanied by an adult for safety’s sake and so that the fishermen and the wildlife are not disturbed as the children follow the trail along footpaths, without venturing close to the water or fishing points.

The eggs should be painted and dried before setting out on the trail.

The trail will be in place from 1st April to 20th April, allowing participating families to be well spread out over the Easter week in order to avoid disturbance nor to spoil the quiet adventure of the occasion.

There will be an associated egg identification quiz for older children and for the interest of the adults.


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