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The Bleasby 2020 Christmas Gateways & Advent Spectacular!

By Bleasby Events Group Bleasby Community Website

Wednesday, 25 November 2020


Bleasby Community Volunteers


The Parish Council are planning a Christmas tree and lights on Glebe Field but, with the ongoing uncertainty of lockdowns over the next few months, it has been impossible for the Events Group to commit to arranging any formal community activities this Christmas.

So, after the success of VE Day, The Scarecrows and support for the NHS, we believe we can still come together this Christmas by laying on a wonderful festive display to help brighten up the Parish of Bleasby

We would like to invite all residents of Bleasby, Gibsmere and Goverton to participate in the Bleasby 2020 Christmas Gateways and Advent spectacular!

For the Gateway part, you are invited to decorate the front of your house in some way – be it your gate, hedge or windows; whatever you’ve got, just make it look festive, involve the family, get creative, have fun and please don’t hold back! We would like to have a Bleasby Gateway Switch-On so that we all come together to light up the parish at the same time – so, please save the date: Sunday 6th December at 6pm, but don’t worry if you really want to switch on before then……

Then, we have gathered 24 volunteers to create a Bleasby Advent Calendar throughout the parish. Each household will create a display which they will switch on around dusk on their allotted day. The attached list shows the road in which you can discover the display for each day of the advent – hopefully children, as well as grown-ups, will enjoy the adventure of finding them as they appear.

Keep an eye on the Community Website , notice boards and Bleasby Village Facebook for updates.

We hope as many of you as possible will join together to help bring some festive cheer to us all this Christmas.

Bleasby Events Group.

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