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Audit Documents

The Notice to view Audit Accounts is now live- for 2019-2020 The official notification document and Audit papers are on the Audit 2019-2020 page. If you would like to view any account please contact the Clerk at Email:

Bleasby Parish Council spends public money raised through taxes.

"Councils must tell local residents and taxpayers how their money is spent. They do this by publishing yearly accounts and details of their spending. 
Council accounts are the financial statements that most organisations must produce at the end of the year. These include a balance sheet and summary of income and expenditure along with supporting notes that give more details." (Source: National Audit Office (2015), Council Accounts – a guide to your rights)

The sub-pages contain the relevant statutory reports against which Bleasby Parish Council are obliged to publish. 

If you would like to view the accounts at any time please contact the Clerk. email: