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Skills 4 Life Transition Service

Weekday Support - (to support communication, confidence and independence skills)

We understand at BOSP that some young people with learning disabilities do not attend full-time education five days a week.  This can leave you wondering how to fill their spare time and for some Parent Carers, wondering how they will still go to work if their caring responsibilities resume weekdays.

We also understand that at some point many young people with learning disabilities will go onto supported living, either though choice or necessity, and that important life skills need to be learned beforehand to ease this transition.  However, like most teenagers and young adults, they are not keen to learn from parents and family but would rather gain this experience and independence through spending time with their peers.

As Parent Carers, you have told us that you would rather they do this in a small group of between four to six young people their own age, rather than at large Day Centre’s with people of all ages.

Well, we have listened at BOSP and thanks to support from Global's Make Some Noise, we have extended our weekend and school holiday support to include weekday clubs and respite.

Our new Skills 4 Life structured services consist of small groups with a high level of support, ensuring maximum learning and confidence building can take place for young people seeking possible future volunteer/employment opportunities and independence.

Activities will include amongst others:

  • Meal planning, shopping, preparing and serving
  • Outside practical activities such as gardening, growing vegetables and basic DIY
  • Travel training
  • Woodland/forestry skills
  • Money handling
  • Self-care
  • Housekeeping/cleaning
  • Social and communication skills
  • Quizzes, games and films
  • Physical fitness, such as swimming and attending a local gym
  • Volunteer opportunities

There will also be fun social trips out in the community and eating in restaurants.

Please see the posters below for more information.

As with all BOSP Services, we very quickly get over subscribed, so do please get in touch with The BOSP Office on 01268 553117  or email if you are interested in your young person attending and would like to know session fees..

NB. Transition - We recommend that you start to consider transition to post 18 services when your young person reaches 15/16 years of age due to the lengthy assessment/social care process.  Please do get in touch with our friendly team for more information of how we can support you during this process.

Skills 4 Life Service promotional video
BOSP Brighter Opportunities for Special People  Skills 4 Life (Term Time Weekday)
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