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Leather jackets damage

Leather jackets which first appeared in number on the green in 2021, returned in 2022 and decimated the green to the extent that it could not be played on. All competitions ceased, league games and friendlies were played as away games wherever possible. The club is no longer allowed to use the chemical which controls this pest and despite using nematodes as nature's way to keep it under control, using these is time and temperature critical and consequently was unsuccessful. Volunteers were at the green at dawn and dusk to use water and sheeting to bring up the creatures. Even though thousands were removed, the green suffered badly.

On 15th August, contractors moved on to the site to start the work needed to restore the green ready for the 2023 season.

At the beginning of September, the green got a light cut and the recovery process can clearly be seen. October saw more work carried out and the green looks really good. Late October saw huge amounts of craneflies emerging from the green some two months later than usual. More nematodes were applied in early November and hopefully the nematodes will be doing their work on the new grubs.