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Programme 2020


JANUARY 2020                      Have I told you about my dolls?
  Competition                                    Doll

FEBRUARY 18                        Feel the love  

  Competition                                    Love token

MARCH  17                              Annual Meeting.   A review of the year.

    Competition                                  Something that makes you smile

APRIL   21                                Peru.

    Competition                                  Bear      

MAY 19                                     Resolution Meeting.   Discuss and debate.

    Competition                                  Blossom

JUNE 16                                   Beetle Drive

    Competition                                  Insect

JULY  21                                  No meeting.   Optional trip to Tolethorpe   No competition  

AUGUST  18                            Dorset buttons 

    Competition                                  Homemade craft item.

SEPTEMBER 15                      Games evening  

    Competition                                  Fancy playing card

OCTOBER  20                        Our Birthday Party with fish & chip supper.

   Competition                                   Birthday card

NOVEMBER  17                      Bobbin lace – to be confirmed.  

   Competition                                   Item of lace

DECEMBER  15                       Christmas party   

   Competition                                   Christmas tree decoration