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Christmas Tree Celebration

The theme of the celebration was "Village Life" and may of the village organisations were represented with trees displayed around the church.

The tree that represented the WI, was located at the bottom of the stairs and on a walk way was very tall and slender so as not to block the accesses.

As you might imagine the WI made all of the decorations to adorn the tree, some of which were

  • crochet lights
  • Patchwork
  • Ribbon hearts
  • and of course the fairy on top

Many members were involved in producing these hand made items and thanks go to all of them for their time and effort.  Special thanks must go to the members that took time to put the tree up and decorate it will all these items.  It truly did represent many of the values of the WI, with the handicrafts, learning and friendship that such a display brings about.