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Land & Facilities

Recreation Ground

The Recreation Ground was bequeathed to the village in 1920 by Lord Cornwallis. It is in the heart of the village and consist of four levels

  • Lower Field
  • Lower Playing Field
  • Upper Playing Field
  • Upper Recreation Field

Lower Field

The Lower Field is leased to local farmers for sheep grazing. There are a number of trees planted in memory of former residents.

Upper and Lower Playing Fields

The Upper and Lower Playing Fields are leased to the Egerton Playing Fields Association.

Children's Play Area, Basket Ball Area and Skate Park

The Children's Play Area is on the Upper Recreation Field. The Skate Park is on the Lower Playing Field. These facilities are the responsibility of the Parish Council.

Millennium Village Hall

The Millennium Village Hall(external link) is on the highest level. The Village Hall is rented from the Parish Council for a nominal sum and is the responsibility of the Village Hall Management Committee

Games Barn

The Games Barn is on the highest level opposite the Village Hall.  It is  managed by  one of the the Games Barn sub-committee of the Parish Council.

Car Park

The car park nearest to the Hall is owned and the responsibility of the Parish Council. The tarmac area of the car park behind Rock Hill is owned by Ashford Borough Council.

The Glebe

The Glebe is in front of the village shop and is owned by the Parish Council.

The Red Telephone Box

The Red Telephone Box on Stonebridge Green is owned and maintained by the Parish Council. Home for Egerton Microlibrary.

Village Notice Boards

Village notice boards are located on The Glebe, at the Village Hall and by the bus stop in Egerton Forstal

Benches and Picnic Tables

Many villagers have kindly donated benches and picnic tables to the Parish Council.  Donations are often in memory of a long standing resident. They are located on the Recreation Grounds, The Glebe and at Pembles Cross.