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Road calming Nesscliffe

The parish council has commissioned a consultant to prepare a plan for traffic calming in Nesscliffe. We have also applied for 50% funding of the scheme of works from a grant pot offered by the Police and Crime Commissioner.

We would like your comments on the scheme by 1st November and you can do this by emailing

The proposed calming measures are shown on the drawings attached to this post and are summarised as follows:

Vehicle activated sign (VAS) 4no 

Children to School sign  4no 

School Sign  4no 

LED Flashing Signals 4no 

Entrance Feature Gateway 2no 

Repaint village entry markings 

New single white lining to carriageway 

SLOW markings 9no

Pedestrian Crossing (please note the position of the crossings is to be determined)

Additional markings