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We have a vacancy for a parish councillor for Great Ness parish (this covers Nesscliffe, Great Ness, Wilcott, Hopton, Kinton, Felton Butler area). This is an exciting chance to get involved in representing your community. We have several exciting projects coming up. No experience is necessary and it does not matter how long you have lived in the community - new residents are welcome to apply as well as those who have lived here longer.

Please fill out the attached application form and return to the clerk by 4pm on Tuesday 4th February. The applications will be considered at the council meeting on 4th February, at 7.30pm at Little Ness Village Hall and we would ask that applicants attend the meeting. Please direct any queries to the parish clerk, Rebecca Turner

The role of a parish councillor

The Parish Council represents and serves the whole community.  Most communities are made up of many smaller communities, often with different interests, a Council’s duty is to serve them all.  A Council balances the needs of different elements of the community to get the best results.

The Parish Council is made up of individual Councillors who contribute to the work of the whole Council  by:

  • suggesting ideas
  • engaging in constructive debate
  • responding to the needs and views of the community
  • representing their constituents
  • behaving in an ethical way and being open about interests
  • commenting on proposals to ensure the best outcome
  • voting – to enable the Council to make decisions

Examples of issues the parish council is involved with:

  • Planning/development - the Local Plan Review consultation will start in Autumn 2017 and we will find out if Shropshire Council is proposing further development in the parishes and have the opportunity to comment on this.
  • Community infrastructure in the parishes - it is important to ensure the parishes have the facilities and services parishioners want, in particular to manage the impact of new development - we are about to look into renewing the Parish Plan as this sets out guidelines for what parishioners want and can be a basis for obtaining funding. 
  • Supporting local groups, such as the Youth Club
  • Liaising with Shropshire Council to manage the impact of budget cuts e.g. impact on Nesscliffe Country Park
  • Traffic calming