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Littleborough Boxing & Fitness Club

LABC Runners Championship and Races

LABC Club Championship 2019

Rules and Points system

To be in the club championship you must

  1. Be an affiliated member of the club.
  2. Have entered the race under your own name and under our club name LABC Runners.
  3. Compete wearing our official club racing vest. (Black and White vests)
  4. Run at least 6 races on the championship race list.

Table’s and Points

We will have two running groups and your group placement will be determined by the committee

We will be working on a points system, meaning you don’t have to be the fastest runner to win. Before the start of each race an individual target time is given to every runner. The target is based on a combination of previous results, feedback from the runners own aims and feedback from the run leaders. To help assess your target time, we will also use Strava, so it would help if members joined the LABC Runners Club on Strava. If you do not inform us that you are running and no time has been given to you before the race, we will pick a time for you.

Points Example... based on a 5K race with a target finish time of 30 minutes

Finish Time Points

Finish the Race

1 Point

-2 Minutes of Target Time

3 Points

Target Time

5 Points

+ 2 Minutes of Target Time

7 Points

+ 3 Minutes or more of Target Time

10 Points

LABC Championship Race List 2019


Sunday 20/01/19 – Four villages half marathon



Sunday 17/02/19 – GNW half marathon



Sunday 24/02/19 – Huddersfield 10k



Sunday 31/03/19 (date TBC) – LABC 5k


Every Wednesday in May – Littleborough 5k Series



Sunday 14th April 2019 - Sowerby Bridge Snails Flat cap 10k 



Sunday 19th May 2019 - Great Manchester run 10k and Half Marathon



Sunday 26 May 2019 – Liverpool Rock and Roll Half Marathon



Sunday 09/06/19 – Oldham 10k



Saturday 15/06/19 – Hero Half Marathon



July (date TBC) – Rochdale Harriers 10k



Wednesday 10/07/19 – Royton Trail 5.5miles



Sunday 21/7/19 – Brighouse 10 k



Sunday 07/08/19 (Date TBC) – Hopwood Trot 5.5 miles



Sunday 15/9/19 – English Half Marathon



Sunday 29/9/19 (Date TBC) – Littleborough 10K



Sunday 06/10/19 (Date TBC) - Rochdale 10K and Half marathon



Sunday 20/10/19 – Yorkshire 10 mile



 Sunday 03/11/19 (Date TBC) - Derwentwater 10 mile road race



All races are on a weekend or week night, distances vary so there is something for everyone.  You must enter the races yourself; the links will also be posted on our Facebook page so keep a look out.

Additional races maybe added, this will be reviewed mid year.

Time frame

The championship will run from January to the end of November.