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The BB&DBA (Bromley, Beckenham & District Bowling Association) has been established for a number of years – 2017 was its 70th Anniversary.

PWBC have supported the Association for many years and have had 3 past Presidents.  They are B. Shwartz in 2007, A. Danson in 2011 and Mrs L Morgan in 2013.

I took over the President’s role on the 24th March 2020. The duration is normally 1 year, but because of the coronavirus wiping out 2020, I will remain President for 2021.

The BB&DBA have a week’s Tour every year and the 2020 venue was meant to be Sidmouth, Devon. Unfortunately this had to be cancelled because of the coronavirus.  In 2021 the venue is yet to be confirmed but there’s every chance it will be on the South coast.

Throughout the year – Summer and Winter seasons – there is a Fixture List which is readily available. PWBC are affiliated to the BB&DBA and therefore any member can participate in the matches.  There were to have been 18 Outdoor matches for the 2020 season.  The majority of these matches are Rinks.

The venues are somewhat different to PWBC matches.  In the summer BB&DBA travel to Maidstone, Forest Hill and Milton Regis, to name a few, so you get to play at different Bowls clubs.

In the Winter there are visits to Swale, Prince Arthur, Crystal Palace, Mote Park and Stone Lodge - so again a number of different clubs.

PWBC do enter a BB&DBA competition – the Ladies’ and Men’s club champion winner will be entering the ‘Champion of Champions’ and this year it is Margaret Robinson and Geoff Wooldridge, so please support them in their preliminary matches. Obviously if either win their way through to the Finals I’m sure they would appreciate your support. The Finals day was to have been held at HSBC on Sunday 13 September - this has now been cancelled and will be played in 2021.

I shall place the coming Outdoor Fixture List which shows match dates and required details on the notice board in the Men’s changing room (and there will also be a Fixture List on the Ladies’ board) should you wish to be selected to play (also see PDF below).  The matches are normally over-subscribed but rest assured you will be selected if you enter a number of matches.

Should anyone require any further information please do not hesitate to give a call

Many Thanks

Reg Johns  - BB&DBA President