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Men's Competitions


Men’s Competitions


Over 60's Singles




Under-18 Singles

Plus, if enough entries: 

Under 25 Singles


  •   All Competitors MUST Ensure they are aware of the following P&D Competition Rules:
    • 3.2.2; 6; 7; 8; 8.3; 9; 10; 13; 16
  • Failure to comply with any of these Rules will lead to the elimination of both Competitors from the rest of the Competition.
  • In the case of a Dispute, these Rulings will be strictly applied.
  • Remember, if you wish to raise a Dispute, please contact the P&D Competitions Secretary as early as possible.
    • Don’t leave it to the last day of a round!!
  • If no Challenge is made by either party, both will be scratched from that Competition.

NOTE: The P&D Competition Rules are shown in the P&D Manual and can also be found on this Website in the “P&D Rules” section.

Postponed or Abandoned Games

  • If a match is Postponed or Abandoned due to the weather, the Home Competitor must contact the Competition Secretary to let him know as soon as possible or by 10:00 am of the day following the game was due to have been played.
  • In addition, when a game is Abandoned, both Competitors must send the Competition Secretary a copy of their Scorecards at the point of Abandonment.

Contacting Competition Secretary