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Updated Ruling re Wearing of Shorts for ALL P&D games

By Secretary P & D B A Portsmouth & District Bowling Association

Sunday, 9 May 2021


Portsmouth & District Bowling Association Contributor


Bowls England have amended their Competition Regulations with regard to the type of Shorts that can now be worn for Bowls games.
Basically, Shorts no longer have to bear the Bowls England Logo, but MUST be "Shorts Manufactured for the Sport of Bowls"
Therefore, we are bringing the P&D Regulation in line with these new Bowls England 2021 Competition Regulations, which reads as follows:
1) Shorts Manufactured for the Sport of Bowls may be worn below the waist. All members of the side or team shall wear the same colour below the waist.
2) Shell suits, jeans and shorts (other than those manufactured for the sport of bowls) are not acceptable.
Please note the highlighted section.
What this means is that if your Club's Dress Code stipulates Grey Trousers, then the Shorts MUST also be Grey.
So, when playing a P&D Match (other than Singles) there CANNOT be a mix of White Shorts and Grey Trousers being worn by bowlers representing the same Club.

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