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Sutton at Hone & Hawley Parish Council

Burial Ground

This council owns and administers the churchyard/burial ground at St John the Baptist church, Church Road, Sutton-at-Hone. If you wish to organise a burial or interment of ashes please contact the parish office to ensure the deceased has the right to be buried at this site. All current residents of the parish have the right to be buried and consideration is given to close relations and those who can show a close connection with the parish.

Burial fees have been agreed for 2014-2016 as below:

WORK                                       2014             2015              2016

                                     from   (1/4/14)        (1/4/15)         (1/4/16)

                                                    £                   £                    £

Excl Right of Burial/

Grave for 2                                 400                425              450 


Interment of Ashes/

Plot in Garden of Rem                200                225              250


Re-opening of grave/

second burial                             150               160              175


Placing of memorial stone           110               120              130

Additional inscription                  110               120              130

Infant burial (0-12 mnths)            Free              Free              Free

Child burial (1-16 years)               200               215              225


We get many requests for searches through burial records and whilst this can be carried out, please do not visit the office without prior notice in order to do this. If you can email or write in with your request, the clerk will respond when she has searched the records.

There are charges for burial record searches or grave location as below:

Record search by the clerk £25 which includes one photocopy of record or statement of findings

Record search in person, per visit up to one hour £10 which includes one photocopy.

Identification/location of a grave £20



Rules and Regulations of The Garden of Remembrance

The Burial Ground at St John the Baptist, Sutton-at-Hone is owned and maintained by this council and as such, all costs incurred for this are paid for out of the parish council tax. The Garden of Remembrance is a site of consecrated land, designated for the interments of human ashes. It is intended for the burial of ashes of residents of the parish of Sutton-at-Hone & Hawley as council tax payers.

Space is limited and each plot is 12” x 12” into which the ashes of two cremations may be laid to rest either individually or at one time. We do not allow the burial of any containers.

Interments can ONLY be sanctioned by this council and the following information is needed in order that agreement can be given.

Full name of deceased
Date of birth of deceased
Date of death of deceased
Address resident at time of death
Normal address if different from (4)
If address is not within the parish of Sutton-at-Hone & Hawley, please give as much information as possible to support a reason for the deceased to be interred in this burial ground.
Name, address & telephone number of person requesting the interment.


There is a set fee for the interment of ashes which includes the administration costs for the council, the initial opening of the plot and subsequent general maintenance around the plot. For current fees, please contact the Parish Clerk.

If the deceased does not live within the parish but adequate reason is given for interment, the fee may be doubled in some cases.

No interment can take place without the submission of the Certificate of Cremation being given to the Parish Clerk. This is very important, the certificate is usually included with the ashes when they are issued from the crematorium. If you cannot find this certificate you must let the Parish Clerk know. Some crematoriums can offer duplicates or copies.

You can organise a member of the clergy to inter the ashes for you, in which case there is usually a charge, details of which you must obtain directly from them. Alternatively you can arrange to inter the ashes yourself. Either way this council will prepare the plot and fill back in after the interment.

Following the interment you have the option to lay a memorial plaque, permission for which must be obtained from this council. This may take the form of a 12” x 12” square slab with the option of a 6” x 6” vase at the head. The materials and any inscription must be approved and this is normally done through a stonemason who will apply for a permit on your behalf. There is an additional fee for this. You must wait at least 6 months before the installation of a memorial. No other memorials are allowed and any extraneous items left at the site may be removed by this council without notice. Please do not add anything else to your plot or around the plot. Any gravel or chippings added outside the plot will be removed. This is so that maintenance and grass cutting can take place to enable us to keep the site as tidy and presentable as possible

By paying for the interment, it is taken that you have read these notes and will abide by them.


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