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Housing Needs Survey

Winchfield Parish Council and Hart District Council commissioned Hampshire Homes Hub (part of the charity Action Hampshire) to carry out an affordable Housing Needs Survey to find out if there was a requirement for affordable homes for local people with a connection to Winchfield Parish.

What is Affordable Housing for local people?

Affordable housing includes both rented and housing for sale through the shared ownership, part rent and part buy model and aims to help people in housing need. Should the report evidence a need in the parish for affordable housing, the housing would be prioritised for households with a local connection to the parish. Hart District Council’s Rural Exception Site Policy H3 would be used to secure planning permission. This allows for small-scale development of affordable housing on land adjoining or closely related to villages which addresses a proven local need for affordable housing. The affordable housing is available in perpetuity for those with a local connection.

By local connection we mean that the householder either lives or works in the parish or was previously resident in the parish and has close family members still residing in the parish or needs to live in the parish to give or receive essential support from a close family member who lives there.

The Survey Results

The final report, attached below, provides an independent assessment of the need for affordable housing in the parish and details the results of the survey of those with a local connection. The findings in this report are based solely on the survey results. The report recommends a small development of 6-8 affordable homes located on a Rural Exception Site in the parish, which would prioritise homes for local people in perpetuity.

Next Steps

Winchfield Parish Council accepted and approved the report at the September 2021 council meeting. Action Hampshire will now approach local Housing Association providers and local landowners to evaluate the viability of the project. The Parish Council will then decide on the next steps in conjunction with Hart District Council and Action Hampshire.

A letter from Action Hampshire calling for sites to provide affordable housing to meet local need is attached below and copies were distributed to all households and businesses in November 2021.

Minutes of the Winchfield Parish Council progress meetings with Action Hampshire and Hart District Council can be found below: