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Adopted Neighbourhood Plan 2017

Winchfield Neighbourhood Development Plan (WNDP) 2014 - 2017

Work began on the WNDP, supported by Winchfield Parish Council in the summer of 2014. WNDP Steering Committee comprised local residents with Clare Worley (Bagwell Lane) appointed as Chair. Other members of the committee were: Guy Bewsher (Station Road), Tristram and Kirsty Cary (Bagwell Lane), Gary Comerford (Station Road), Bill Fraser (The Hurst), Mike and Sarah Garwood (Station Hill), Kate Rosevear (Bagwell Lane), Christine Strudwick (Sprats Hatch Lane), Martin Wakeley (Bagwell Lane) and Cllrs Paul Jackaman and Harry Dicks (Parish Council Liaison).

The Steering Committee conducted a survey of residents in the autumn of 2014 and met regularly to research and draft the constituent parts of the Plan. Residents were regularly invited to Village Engagement sessions during the process of writing the draft Plan. 

Work continued through the required legal stages and community consultations and the WNDP succeeded at Examination in September 2016, achieving a very positive Referendum result in February 2017. The WNDP was formally adopted by Hart District Council to become part of the Hart Local Development Plan on 30th March 2017.

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