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Clive Parish Council

Parish Plan

Please click here for an update on the 2018 review of the Parish Plan.

Updating Clive Parish Plan

What is a Parish Plan? A Parish Plan is a document setting out how residents want to see their local area develop over the next few years. It can cover a range of issues, and gives us a recognised voice. It will include a vision for the future, an expression of the residents' views and an action plan detailing how these developments can be achieved. It will outline how the parishioners, the Parish Council, Government (at all levels) and local service providers can act to deliver the residents' wishes.

Who creates a Parish Plan? The Plan must be created by local residents. Assistance will be given by Parish Councillors and Shropshire Council staff (especially with the financial and practical side, e.g. printing and distribution), but the Steering Group who put together the local consultation and create the Plan must be independent.

Sound familiar? Clive has an excellent record in gleaning public opinion and gaining residents' input. We have a Parish Plan that was created by willing volunteers and with the cooperation of the vast majority of Clive residents.

So why do we need a new one? A Parish Plan carries significant weight with all levels of government, including planning, development and distribution of funds. It's even more important now that the Localism Bill has been passed - the government want to empower 'bottom-up' decision-making. But in order to achieve this, a Parish Plan must be current. We need to review and refresh Clive's Parish Plan so that the views of the residents will be listened to.

How can I help? You can become a member of the Steering Group that will guide the creation of the refreshed Parish Plan. The more people who join this group the better. Or you can simply come along to a meeting and offer assistance, e.g. delivering leaflets. And you can join in by responding to the consultation yourself, as so many people did last time.

The Importance of a Parish Plan

'[Shropshire] Council planning staff believe that any parish plans which are over five years old will be liable to be challenged by developers as not being up-to-date and fully relevant to current community aspirations. When completed, parish plans...will always be referred to in responses to planning applications. Parishes will effectively become a statutory consultee through their filed plans, so that reports on planning applications will have to state whether or not an application is in compliance with the parish plan... I would urge all parish councils to arrange to prepare a Parish Plan if they have not got one or refresh their plan if it is likely to become more than 5 years old by the end of 2012... Shropshire Council, in considering applications, needs to be certain, if it believes that there are grounds for refusal, that it is armed with up-to-date parish plans which quite clearly show the vision which communities have for their village.' Cllr Brian Williams, Sept. 2011. (Full report available - see link on left)

Clive has an excellent record for gathering public opinion in response to community issues. Our Parish Plan now needs 'refreshing' - basically, we need to check that the information we have is still relevant to Clive residents today. Watch the notice boards for details.