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Dymchurch Parish Council ELECTIONS 2023-NEW LAWS
Dymchurch Parish Council ELECTIONS 2023
Dymchurch Parish Council ELECTIONS 2023

There is a new legal requirement for voters at the polling station from 04 May 2023.

Voters will have to present a valid form of photographic ID to be issued a Ballot Paper.  This requirement is for all elections, including any by-elections that take place after this date.

It will be the law - If a person can not provide ID they will not be able to vote.

The Electoral Commission will be starting their advertising campaign  and it will be ongoing until the election.

If a voter does not have valid ID, they can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate (VAC) at the website, in person at the Civic offices or by post.  Details are enclosed in the leaflet.  The service to apply for a VAC will not be live until Monday, 16th January 2023.