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Dymchurch Parish Council Home

Welcome to Dymchurch

Dymchurch was once the headquarters for law and order on the Romney Marsh and its name derives from Deme, mediaeval English for judge or arbiter. It was here where the governors of the Marsh resided (known as The Lord of the Level), and where swift justice was administered to anyone endangering the wellbeing of the Marsh.

The Village was where Russell Thorndike wrote many of the infamous Dr Syn stories; fictitious yarns, inspired by local smuggling and law breaking on the Marsh and celebrated by the village bi annually in August. In sharp contrast to the Dr. Syn fables, Edith Nesbit, the famous children’s writer, also lived in Dymchurch. An enterprising author, she wrote a number of books including her most famous work – The Railway Children. 

The central slipway, accessed via the High Street, leads to the beautiful open sandy beach. Childrens' amusements and rides, accessed via the seawall and High Street, together with eating establishments and essential shops are waiting to help you enjoy your stay in the village.


The Parish Council

Cllr Dougie Young (Chair)

Cllr Chris McCreedy

Cllr Chrissie Cooper

Cllr Mark Wright

Cllr Andy Weatherhead

Cllr Anne Pegler

Cllr Cathy Young

Cllr Russel Tilson

Vacancy x 1  


Council members can be contact through the Clerk at 

   Jeff Lawrence Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer

Mr A Lawson Projects and Finance Officer

Mr D Henley Groundsman

Member of Parliament, County Member and District Councilors

Damian Collins is the local MP for Folkestone and Hythe, which includes Dymchurch and holds a regular surgery in the Parish Council office.


F&HDC Cllrs Tony Cooper and Liz Grant represent Dymchurch at Folkestone & Hythe District Council, our KCC representative is Jenni Hawkins