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If you would like to help with any of the work being carried out over the winter then just contact the secretary or estate manager.

Thank you for your support throughout the season.   


It is the responsibility of all players to help with the setting up and clearing away of equipment. We are a club of volunteers and Captains should ensure that team members play their part wherever possible. It is not the job of a few to act as servants to the rest.

Please ensure you take the numbered equipment that has been allocated to your rink and not the first thing to hand.

Protective Nets

When laying out the green protective nets it should be done as follows:-

1 Net must be positioned 2metres ( or 3 mat lengths) from the ditches at either end of the rink. 

2 The Bowling mat should be placed across the end of the net closest to the ditch for the first end. It can move position throughout the game thereafter.

Blocks with rink numbers have been made to store the 6 nails which hold down the netting. It is important to count these in and out as any missed may damage the mower or grounds equipment. Please use the set numbered for your rink.

Shelves and storage racks have been set aside in the jack store for all the equipment so please use them and keep the store tidy.



As a club member you have a duty to:

• Take reasonable care for your own Health & Safety and that of others who may be affected by what you do or not do

• Co-operate with the club on health & safety issues

• Correctly use all equipment provided by the club

• Not interfere with or misuse anything provided for your health, safety or welfare.