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Rodington Parish Council manages Rodington Cemetery which can be located adjacent to Rodington Village Hall, SY4 4QS. The cemetery is thought to date back to the early 17th century.

If you have any enquiries about the cemetery you can contact the Burial Officer who manages the dealings with the cemetery. You may contact via email: or phone 07948 324 085 (Between Mon to Fri - 9:30 to 2:30) you may also text any time to request a call back.

All necessary forms and fees for purchases, interments and erections of memorial stones are listed below.

Rodington Parish Council Cemetery

Downloadable Application Forms

Exclusive Rights of Burial Notice of Interment Memorial Application

Download here

Download here

Download here

Cemetery Fees for Information as of 1st April 2018

Exclusive Rights of Burial (99 years) and Interment Parishioner* Non-Parishioner

Burial Single Plot **



Plot for Cremated remains



Children under 16 Burial Plot

No Charge


Children under 16 Cremated remains

No Charge



No Charge


Interment Administration fee



Memorial Admin Approval Fee



Cremation plaque Admin Fee Approval



Admin fee for Additional  Inscriptions



* The right to Interment and purchase of Burial rights is exclusive to the residents of Rodington Parish except:

1. Where Burial rights were purchased before the deceased moved outside the Parish.

2. Where the deceased  at the time of Burial owns or has a tenancy of a domestic property in the Parish.

3.  Where immediately before moving to a nursing home or residential care or designated retirement accommodation, the deceased lived in the Parish.

4.  Where the deceased has at the time of purchase rights or at the time of burial a spouse, parent, grandparent, brother or sister or child already interred in the cemetery or who already owns Exclusive Rights of Burial.

5.  Exclusive Rights of Burial purchased prior 3rd September  2015  are protected by condition 1 and unaffected  by the remaining conditions  above.

**  Ground at this Cemetery is not suitable for Double Burial in a single plot.


NOTE.  All Admin fees apply to all Burials or Cremation Interments