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Charity Triples

                                WINNERS                                                                                          RUNNERS-UP

2016           Chris Mitchell, Judith Fish Alison Fail                       Judy Hallard, Bronwen Rees, Margaret Dowthwaite   

                        (Purton)                                                                               (Wroughton)

2017         Johanna Bryant, Wendy Anderson, Janet Willis         Carol Pugh, Debbie Hatherall, Charlie Godwin 

                       (Stratton Churchways)                                                         (Royal Wootton Bassett)

2018        Kerry Hatherall, Debbie Hatherall, Charlie Godwin      Maggie Jordan, Joanna Hicks, Linda Young

                       (Royal Wootton Bassett)                                                     (Highworth)

2019       Chris Mitchell, Julie Jones, Alison Fail                          Sue McCormack, Ashlee Lin, Deanne Davis  

                        (Purton)                                                                               (Highworth)

2020          No Competition

2021      Chris Mitchell, Julie Jones, Alison Fail                        Maggie Jordan (Josie Etherington Sub) Joanna Hicks Linda Young

                      (Purton)                                                                                 (Highworth)

2022     Ann Haunton,Alison White,Lynda Whittingham           Barbara Twine,Ginny Nash,Patricia Murray

                               (Westlecot)                                                               (Royal Wootton Bassett)




Swindon and District Women's Bowls Association Charity Triples