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Care Group

West Meon and Warnford Care Group


Established over 30 years ago, the West Meon and Warnford Care Group was set up to respond to the needs of residents in our villages, to act in cases of emergency and give support in times of stress. It was also to act as a watchdog over the welfare of our community both young and old.

Who We Are

We are all volunteers and the Group, though part of the Good Neighbours Support Service, is run independently and is wholly reliant on voluntary donations. Our AGM is held in October.

What We Do

  • We can help with getting any Parishioner to local appointments such as the GP, hospital, dentist or optician where either  public transport is not available or the individual is unable to get themselves to the appointment. We do ask for a donation towards the cost involved.
  • The Group owns a lightweight wheelchair which can be loaned for short term use.
  • We can advise on the use and funding of the Lifeline pendant alarm service provided by Winchester City Council for vulnerable or elderly residents.

How You Can Help

If you could spare a few hours a year we would welcome you as a volunteer driver or we could find some other role for you. The regular users of our service like to meet new people and would be very appreciative of any help you can offer.


Our present co-ordinators are:

Nina Byles        01730 829028  or  07778 679922                                                                      

Vicki Fathers     01730 829217