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Gardening Club

West Meon Parish Council Gardening Club

Garden Club News - September to December 2020

Due to the Covid Pandemic, it was obviously impossible to hold our normal annual Summer Show.

Undaunted by that, however, our Committee decided to launch a Virtual Summer Show. Over six weeks – from 3 July to 8 August - instead of taking their exhibits to the Village Hall, over thirty competitors took photos of their entries and submitted them for publication on our newly created website. Entrants, and others, then voted for their favourites and award winners and all entries were posted on the website for all to admire.

With 10 classes to choose from (Cookery, Crafts, Flowers, Flower Arranging, Fruit & Veg, Fun (3 age groups) Garden Greats and Photographic Art), each with a different theme every week, there was a wide variety on offer and participants showed a range of skills and much enthusiasm.

Well done to all who took part, not just adults but children, too! Aged from 5 to 16, encouraged by parents and/or grandparents, they demonstrated great flair and imagination: Archie, Eddie, Emily & Isabel Power, Charlie & Rosie Kettle, Max Englefield-Brown, Rufus Russell-Scheh and Lottie Horn. All who took part in the Fun Sections specifically aimed at children excelled in their particular age groups and some also entered “adult” classes and won awards there as well. So congratulations are certainly due to the younger generation. Seniors (too numerous to mention here individually), i.e. all those aged over 16, including quite a few in their eighties and one in her nineties also acquitted themselves extremely well. The organisers never ceased to be amazed at the exceptional talent displayed.

So a round of applause for all who contributed!

Special thanks go to Edwin Grimshaw, who expertly set up the website, initiated me into the art of basic web publishing (albeit without the need to master HTML script) politely pointed out and corrected any errors I made and produced well over fifty digital “rosettes” for all the award winners.

Thanks, too, to our other Zoom committee members (Peter, Anna and Carol) who helped come up with all the ideas for the different classes (60 themes in all), to Carol Rowlatt and Penny Power who literally went out of their way to go and take photos of other contributors’ “exhibits”, who had neither a camera nor computer; and finally to Joanne Horn, who not only proved her skills by winning a high number of awards but also indirectly led me to find a different way of reducing the file size of all the photos that needed to be uploaded to the website when my computer software failed: hours of time saved!

To see all the “exhibits”, please go to: Then use the drop-down menu to see photos of each week’s classes, winners and all the participants’ exhibits.

All meetings suspended until further notice

Due to the continuing concerns regarding the evolution of the Covid 19 Pandemic and to comply with the current “Rule of 6” regulation, the Garden Club committee has decided to cancel both our October and November meetings, including the November AGM.

We don’t hold lectures in December, January and February so there are no further meetings planned until March 2021. By this time, we should have a clearer understanding of the Corona Virus situation so will take a decision regarding our 2021 programme of activities accordingly.

Photographs from the 2019 Summer Show (courtesy of Edwin Grimshaw)

West Meon Parish Council Gardening Club