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Trouble Shooting

If you need to report a problem, find the link here

Problem Authority Contact Details

Dog Fouling

(See additional Information Below)

Winchester City Council

01962 848097

Flooding & River Blockages

Environment Agency

0800 80 70 60

Flooding of Roads

Hampshire County Council

0300 555 1388

Fly Tipping

Winchester City Council

01962 840222

See also Fly Tipping information below.

Garden Bonfires

Winchester City Council

01962 840222

See also Bonfire Information below and Garden Law - Bonfires information here

Missed Bin Collection

Winchester City Council

0300 300 0013

Paving Problems

Hampshire County Council

0300 555 1388

Pest Control

Winchester City Council

01962 848594

Pot Holes

Hampshire County Council

0300 555 1388

Tree & Hedge Problems

Hampshire County Council

0300 555 1388

Water Leak

Portsmouth Water

0800 434 6104

Dog Fouling Information

Open areas in West Meon, e.g. Recreation Ground, are covered by the Dogs (Fouling Of Land) Act and if you have witnessed people allowing their dogs to foul on that land without cleaning it up, the Animal Welfare Officer at Winchester City Council could pursue it.

As they do not have the resources to carry out regular dog fouling patrols they need the public to be their eyes and ears for dog fouling offences.

If someone witnesses an offence actually taking place, please contact them with the following information:

1.        Exactly where the offence took place and how far away the witness was at the time.

2.        The time and date of the offence.

3.        Did the witness actually see the dog defecate.

4.        Did the witness see the owner walk away without cleaning up.

5.        A full description of the dog and owner (a photo is good but the person shouldn’t put himself at risk to take one).

6.        If a name or address or car registration if known.

The Animal Welfare Officer would write to a known offender on the first occasion and, if they were witnessed offending after that, would consider legal action but would require a statement from the witness.

For anyone who witnesses the fouling, please contact them directly on 01962 848097 /