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Hiring Information

This page contains information for anyone who wishes to hire the Hall and a note about changes to the Hall upon re-opening on the 27th July 2020.

1. Automatic sanitisers are installed on the inside of the entrance doors to- the kitchen, the side door and the main front door. Please make your users aware of these and encourage their use.

2. As far as possible we would like one way entrance and exit routes. Main Hall- entrance by side door, exit through main front door. Small Hall- also entrance through side door but exit via kitchen door.

Note We appreciate that the last to leave may not be able adhere to these routes when securing the Hall upon final departure.

3. The person organising each user group should complete a Contact Form as per attached and then retain this for one month after the meeting. This is to enable easy tracing of anyone attending a meeting where somebody who also attended later displays symptoms of Covid 19. A copies of the Contact form will be left in the kitchen. Please remember to take your completed copy with you when you leave and retain it for a period of one month.

4. In the unlikely event of someone becoming ill, for any reason, whilst using the hall, a chair has been provided in the disabled toilet where they should remain isolated until the medical services arrive.

5. Please be aware of the supplement to the conditions of hire, examples of which are displayed in the Main Hall Small Hall and Kitchen.  Please note that you must adhere to Government legislation applicable at the time.

6. The wearing of a face mask is not a requirement so individuals can choose whether or not to do so.

7.  Before you leave please make every effort to clean the areas that you have used. Paying particular attention to table tops, door handles, anything that has been touched..

Any problems please notify Annette (07746-939820)  so we can take any action necessary.

We are all sure to learn as we get familiar with the new arrangements and we hope that you enjoy the freshly redecorated surroundings. Have a pleasant and enjoyable session.



Further information for users of the Hall and information to download:

Contact Form

Terms and Conditions of Hire

Supplementary Terms and Conditions following COVID-19

Instructions for Hire

ACRE: Re-opening Village and Community Halls post COVID-19 closure Issue 3 – Current at 6th July 2020