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Wolsingham Parish Council

Minutes July 2016




7.00 PM



PRESENT: Chair   D. Sugden, Mrs. J. Henderson, , , G. Price , S. Calvert

 M/s L Richardson, M. Bell , ,  Mrs. A. Nelson, Mrs M. Epsly


Police :             P.C. G. Moore


Public : None



  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Mrs. A. Savory J. Wilson
  3. POLICE REPORT: P.C.  Moore read the letters of reply following the Parish Council correspondence to the Police & Crime Commissioner and Inspector Kevin Tuck.

The police would attend the Parish Council meeting every 3 months as they are under manned and cover a wide geographical area of 170 square miles.. Crime statistics are available from the Durham Constabulary website on the home page , by entering the location.

There had been an increase of thefts from motor vehicles, and a number of checks had taken place in Teesdale & Weardale.

Under age drinking was again a problem and youths were coming from far & wide to visit the Dale, a good deal of alcohol has been seized and parents spoken to. It was planned to have multi agency talks at the school in the autumn to highlight the dangers of drinking alcohol.

A meeting is to be arranged in September to discuss the Willows play ground grass cutting  and the ducks.

  1. MINUTES OF  MEETING HELD 14TH JUNE 2016 , moved & agreed  as a true record and signed as such.
  3. MINUTES OF EMERGENCY PLANNING MEETING held 4th July draft document. When this document is finalised it would be printed and circulated with the Town Crier.
  4. CORRESPONDENCE:   Crook Police Station re attendance at meetings & PACT  e mailed

Chief Constable, re above.  E mailed

Mrs Ormerod re Angate Toilets , it was agreed that all that could be done regarding the toilets has been done and the doors will remain open.

            Mr. A. Johnson, 45, The Causeway, installation of pipe line under riverside footpath, to be advised that a footpath closure order would be necessary and that the installation meets with Northumbrian Water specifications.

  1. RECREATION GROUND:  Outdoor Gym work completed and clerk was in receipt of a letter of appreciation from local residents.
  2. ST. ANNE’S CENTRE: Installation  of smart meter
  5. TOWN HALL: Zurich Insurance Loss Adjuster appointed for clock & lights claim, an initial visit had taken place and awaiting outcome.

Replacement Windows,  Moorview Windows estimate October start date.  

Some light fittings needed attention and request that quotations be obtained for LED light fittings.

The cinema projector needed to be tested.

  1. MARKET PLACE: Cycle racks now complete and in situ

A fun Fair meeting to be arranged for either 22nd or 29th July, depending on availability.

A resident had raised the issue of the War Memorial not being cleaned effectively,, DCC cleaned the  memorial before the armistice day service each year.

  1. ANGATE STREET TOILETS :  To be opened until 10.00 pm show weekend.
  3. THORNLEY WOOD Application to WAAP Tourism budget for £5000 for the development of the site into a picnic area , with seating and spaces for car parking. The clerk had made some initial enquiries with the planning authority and was awaiting a reply. The increase in the grant application was to fund a leaflet on a guided walk from Tow Law and Wolsingham  centered  on Thornley Wood.
  7. CLERKS BUSINESS: Weardale Area Action Partnership attendance at Board Meetings next meeting Thursday 28th July Parish Council representative required. Jane Henderson volunteered to deputise.
  8. MEMBERS REQUEST: Cllr. Price asked if it would be possible to engage a vendor to sell coffee/ tea from a mobile unit in the recreation ground. To be placed on the agenda for the finance meeting in September. A member  asked that a complaint be raised with the planning authority on the 45 gallon drums situated in front of The Brown Horse, High Stoop, Tow Law, as they were impeding the site line down the A68.

22.PLANNING:   DM/16/03797/FPA     Egg Production Unit Pole Tree Farm case officer Tim Burnham , an e mail had been sent to Stuart Timmiss and a reply was awaited.

22.1  The following applications have been approved:

DM/16/01732/FPA      17, Holywood, increase height of existing garden wall to 1.44 m

DM/16/01651/FPA      13, Rectory Lane, erection of detached garage store workshop

DM/16/01649/TPO      works to 6 trees subject to a tree preservation order open space at Wesley View

DM/16/02064/TCA      works to 4 trees , open space at Wesley View

DM/16/01423/AD        Brown Horse, High Stoop, retention of 4 illuminated signs

DM/16/01716/FPA      38 East End, Single storey extension to rear

DM/16/01859/TCA      45, The Causeway, T1 spruce, T2 Cypress fell trees in a conservation area


                        22.2                 The following application has been refused


DM/16/00333/TPO      38, Uppertown, fell 2 Ash Trees


  22.3      The following applications have been notified

DM/16/01949/FPA      Kings Head Cottage, 3, Angate Street, construct timber garage, and partially demolish boundary wall to facilitate larger gates

DM/16/01931/FPA      16, Meadhope Street, retention of existing UPVC windows & doors

DM/16/01690/FPA      46, Front Street, single storey rear extension

DM/16/01679/FPA      land to front of 2 Stanhope Road, timber garage, and relocate garden shed and decking

DM/16/01859/TCA      45, The Causeway, T1 spruce, T2 Cypress fell trees in a conservation area


  1.    FINANCE : Finance report to end June 2016, read and accepted.