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Wolsingham Parish Council

Minutes January 2016



TUESDAY  12th  JANUARY 2016  


7.00 PM


PRESENT: Chair   D. Sugden, Mrs. M. Epsly, Mrs. J. Henderson, , Mrs. A. Savory, G. Price

M/s L. Richardson,  S. Calvert, G. Dixon , M. Bell, , D.C. Pattison



POLICE:        None


PUBLIC:         None


  2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST:As this meeting will be setting the precept all councillors living in the town declared an interest except M/S  L. Richardson. No other declarations were notified.
  3. POLICE REPORT: A report had been passed to the clerk; there had been 30 calls , 4 concerns, 7 anti social behaviour, 8 road related,3 domestic related,5 suspicious activity. 2 missing from home, & 1 call relating to a firearm. Seven crimes had been committed , (5 of which had been resolved) 3 for criminal damage, 2 theft, 1 assault, 1 possession of controlled drugs.The firearms incident a resident had heard shots being fired at the ducks near to the willows, officers attended the scene but no evidence of any ducks being shot or injured. Criminal damage , all were  at the same location 1, is being investigate , the other two are solved. Thefts one from a remote location where diesel and heavy duty batteries were stolen , the other was power tools stolen from contractors at the school .Possession of drugs , a youth was found in possession and appropriate action was taken and passed to the youth offender team.  
  4. MINUTES OF  MEETING HELD 8 TH DECEMBER 2015 , moved and seconded as a true record and signed as such.
  5. MATTERS ARISING :Cllrs Savory & Henderson had attended the meeting with the Police & Crime Commissioner at the Dales Centre Stanhope. The meeting had been poorly attended , but regardless the priorities from the meeting were speeding, and poaching. A matrix was requested as well as a number plate recognition camera. Rural crime was talked about by Inspector Tuck but what they needed was more police and transport. On several occasions , it had been reported that cars were parking fully on the footpath at Hallsfield, and on the hard shoulder at Lynndale, no action had been taken by the police  and the problem persists. Cllr Savory would raise the matter with the Highways Section.

Emergency Planning : Civil Contingencies , Peter Bodo DCC. A great deal of information had been sent by Peter, Agreed to hold a meeting Wednesday 17th February , and to invite Peter Bodo to the meeting. Cllr. Dixon to chair the meeting. An article to be placed in the Town Crier advertising the public meeting.

The Woodland Management Plan for Wolsingham Estates, Tunstall had been looked at Cllr. Sugden ,who thought it was good plan if adhered to.

Bicycle parking frames had not as yet been ordered , areas to install them needed to be identified.

  1. CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED :Mr. J. Bell re: Outdoor Gym facility, the clerk had replied to the latest letter and advised that the Outdoor Gym was going ahead.

                 CDALC: Nominations for Royal Garden Party 2016, agreed to nominate Cllr Dixon and his wife.

  1. RECREATION GROUND: Outdoor Gym awaiting Go Ahead Durham C.C.

Felling Licence to thin trees, trees had been identified agreed to go ahead.

  1. ST. ANNE’S CENTRE: Redecorated in the winter break and a good job had been done.
  3. ALLOTMENTS:  Cllr Price asked what the criteria was for judging the allotments and when the judging should take place. Clerk to pass on a  tenancy agreement which had the relevant information.
  4. TOWN HALL: Windows: estimate for renewing with double glazed hardwood sliding sash windows. Agreed to proceed with the fitting , apply for planning permission and seek quotations. It was proposed that the first floor only be renewed , but it was agreed to have the ground floor and first floor renewed. Estimate £17k a small grant application to be made to WAAP.

Relocation of Projector & screen from Church Hall to Town Hall, agreed , the engineer had visited the site and would look at the St. Anne’s projector at the same time.

  1. MARKET PLACE: Christmas Tree : Damage to vehicle, agreed to have an independent estimate done.

Enquiry from Mrs. C. Lockhart, 2, Millstone Place, re condition of un-adopted road rear of Front Street, clerk to write to Durham C.C. and acquaint them of the situation.

War Memorial estimate from Weardale Signs, awaiting estimate.

  1. ANGATE STREET TOILETS : .Work for replacing urinal scheduled for February 2016

Before the meeting , Cllr. Henderson had called at  the toilets to discover they had been severely and deliberately soiled, stopping up the urinal and excrement everywhere. Having recently spent a great deal of money on the facility it was very disheartening.

  1. DEMESNE MILL: Felling Licence Thin Trees, licence applied for
  2. THORNLEY WOOD A forester had attended the office and made an offer to fell the wood and pay for the timber extracted at a rate of £8 per tonne. There being an estimated 4- 500 tonne would generate income of £3k – £4k and save the Parish C£5000 in felling. Agreed to accept the offer and amend the precept/ budget accordingly. Any broad leaf trees to be kept.
  3. FOOTPATHS Lovers Lane to be repaired under the Safer Routes to School budget .Leaves in Lovers Lane to be swept, Clerk to inform Durham C.C.

Holywell St. Godric/ St. Aelric information board,, Cllr. Sugden to action and place info on website.

  2. NEWSLETTER New headmaster at the Community college was Mr. Lee Elliott, who was keen on community involvement. Advertise Emergency Planning meeting Wednesday 17th February 6.30 pm at the Town Hall
  3. MEMBERS REQUEST: Mr. Bernard Batson had requested to attend the February meeting, to discuss a planning application for Industrial Units, Ward’s End Tow Law  agreed to start at 6.30 pm.
  4. WRECASS           .
  5. PLANNING :  21.1  The following applications have been approved:

DM/15/03481/FPA                       Harperley POW Camp erection of entrance gate and flanking wall

DM/15/02975/FPA                       Mill Garage , demolition of existing buildings on site, erection of retail store , refurbishment of petrol station with associated works


DM/15/03317/VOC          Plot 3 , 70, Lydgate Lane variation of condition 2

                        21.2     The following application has been refused

DM/15/03819/TCA      2, Mill Race T1 Ash, Fell tree in conservation area, Durham C.C. objects to the felling of the tree and will make a Tree Preservation Order to preserve  the tree, in the interests of its amenity value to the surrounding area.


                         21.3    The following application has been withdrawn


21.4      The following applications have been notified

DM/15/03819/TCA      2, Mill Race T1 Ash, Fell tree in conservation area

DM/15/03797/FPA      Pole Tree Farm, Rushy Lea Lane, erection of agricultural workers dwelling and barn

refer to minutes of Finance Meeting held 5th January 2016, as under.

DM/15/03917/LB        The Barn Scotch Isle Farm, dry lining,floor strengthening replacement window & door


  1. 1.  Finance Reports to End December2015, read and accepted.

2. Minutes  of Budget/Precept meeting held January 5th 2016 agreed & signed as a true record

 3. To approve annual precept £ 31866 and LCTSS £1165