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Wolsingham Parish Council

Minutes MAY 2016



TUESDAY 10TH MAY  2016  


7.00 PM


PRESENT: Chair   D. Sugden, Mrs. J. Henderson, , Mrs. A. Savory, G. Price

 M/s L Richardson, M. Bell , J. Wilson, D.C. Pattison


Public : J. Stephenson, P. Martin, G. Dixon




  3. POLICE REPORT: None in attendance . No crime statistics, Clerk to request information is forwarded before the monthly meeting.

A report was given on an accident at the junction of Thistlewood Lane and Baal Hill and the response  had been in excess of 30 minutes

  1. MINUTES OF  MEETING HELD 12th APRIL 2016 , moved and seconded as a true record and signed as such.
  2. MATTERS ARISING : Various signs without the necessary planning consent had been removed, by DCC
  4. RECREATION GROUND:  Outdoor Gym, contracts had been agreed and a plan for the development was awaited. As the area being used for the facility was also used for the annual garden fete agreed to not start until after 11th June

Part of the wooden trim trail had rotted , Simon Makepeace to remove and repair.

  3. ALLOTMENTS: Alan Coutts  request to erect additional greenhouse, agreed

Plot 3 Stacey & Tina erection of poly tunnel & shed, agreed

  1. TOWN HALL: Hanging Baskets, had been prepared by Woodhall’s

The NHS will be running Chair exercise classes from 17th May

An engineer had been called from Smiths of Derby clocks to give a price for the repair

  2. ANGATE STREET TOILETS : Wallgate Service Engineer called automatic wash facility not working. Further spray of HG anti mould fungicide
  3. DEMESNE MILL: Blackthorn bushes had been cut back , not to everyone’s liking , agreed to have stumps removed with a stump grinder.

A report was given on an incident in the Willows  playground when a person had stopped the county council workers from cutting the grass and undergrowth and the police were called.

  1. THORNLEY WOOD Awarded Woodland Trust Tree pack for November planting
  2. FOOTPATHS Temporary Byway Closure

It has been necessary to temporarily close to all traffic except pedestrians a 3.8 kilometre length of Byway No. 157 Wolsingham Parish, Hexham Lane from its inception adjacent to Thistlewood Farm and northwards to Salter’s Gate, Wolsingham.

At the AGM of the Wolsingham Wayfarers all members are to write in support of the closure to vehicular traffic and would urge other like minded persons to do the same , so that the moor is not damaged beyond repair. The on cost of continually repairing the lane after damage by off road vehicles costs the tax payer thousands of pounds which is passed on through the domestic rate bills. The bye-way should be preserved for pedestrian use.


  1. CLOSED CHURCHYARD: Tree works complete
  2. NEWSLETTER Chairman’s Annual Report, Hexham Lane closure. beware of “fake traders” do not pay money up front for goods or services.
  3. CLERKS BUSINESS:  Annual Holiday leave.
  4. MEMBERS REQUEST: Co-option of Council Member. Two candidates had put their names forward and Mrs. Alison Nelson was elected.
  5. WRECASS:  AGM to precede 14th  June meeting at 6.30 pm

DM/16/03797/FPA      Egg Production Unit Pole Tree Farm case officer Tim Burnham spoken to , not yet in a position to set a committee meeting, they want the right decision taken on the relevant information to hand.


22.1  The following applications have been approved:

DM/16/00829/TCA      16, Lea Green, T2 , Maple fell

DM/16/00579/FPA      1, Redgate House, Redgate Bank, new window opening to north, & replacement windows.                   

DM/16/00493/FPA      17, Holywood, extension to existing garage.

  22.2      The following applications have been notified

DM/16/01157/FPA      Kings Head Cottage, 3, Angate Street, change of use two ground floor rooms into commercial unit. To support this enterprise.

DM/126/ 01158/AD     Kings Head Cottage , 3, Angate St. Advertisement consent for the display of 1 no. fascia sign, & 1 no. Hanging sign


  1. FINANCE : Finance report to end April 2016 agreed and accepted.

An engineer had called to investigate why the projector would not work with a lap top, the problem was resolved but the text on the screen was blurred, it was thought a new projector bulb would be required. Clerk to ask for a price.