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Galliers Homes New Estate

Galliers homes and their consultant Evolvepad have held a public meeting to discuss the draft proposals for the new estate at the South of the previous estate that runs up to the edge of the former football field. 

There is no loss to the football field or the Cricket Club

There will be a need for a high ball stop fence (2 of the images are of other estates that have this fence in place. It will be circa 15m tall and borders the former football field

This is at Pre-Application stage and currently there is no formal Planning Application for the Parish Council to discuss, however, Galliers consultant is encouraging feedback on the proposals through Sept 2022. Please email 

The Parish Council has had some early comments and these have been passed on to Galliers consultant. They are;

The permanent access to the estate should be re considered to the middle or south of the development

To understand how the construction access and works will take place

An area dedicated for a play area 

An area for Wild Flower borders

Concerns on the impact to the local Primary School - This will be forwarded to Shropshire Council for comment


The Link to the Planning Application is shown below.

22/05744/FUL | Erection of 62No dwellings served by vehicular access via Trinity View, public open space, landscaping, associated infrastructure and enabling works | Proposed Residential Development Land To The South Of Bomere Heath Shrewsbury Shropshire