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Source of Council Funds

Bomere Heath & District Parish Council Source of Parish Council Funds


The Precept

Bomere Heath and District Parish Council (BHDPC) receive a small percentage of the annual Council Tax, which is known as the ‘Precept’.  The precept varies across the county subject to the size and scale of each parish or town council. The amount each property within a Parish also varies subject to the property banding and amount of council tax paid.

In 2019/20 the precept for BHDPC was £19,551 which equates to £23 per household* or 0.12% of council tax paid within the Parish (*Band D council tax - £1780).

The Precept finances BHDPC to enable it to discharge its responsibilities as a  Council, and also pay for and maintain facilities and services. 

  • Street lighting 
  • Waste bins
  • Ground maintenance
  • Clerk salary, insurances, training, meetings, etc
  • Community grants.
  • Donations 

Neighbourhood Funds

Each housing development is required to pay a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) to Shropshire Council. CIL is used to off set the additional demands, which arise as a result of developments i.e. larger infrastructure and social need projects.

The Neighbourhood fund is a percentage of the CIL, which is paid to local councils to enable the more local needs to be addressed. They can be used for any suitable purpose as long as they support / improve community facilities linked to additional demand. Bomere Heath receives 15% of the CIL.