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What is SmartWater?

Smart Water is a proven and effective crime prevention product. It is a colour and odourless liquid, which can be easily applied to a wide range of surfaces. Once dry the material is not only fluorescent under UV light but importantly has its own unique DNA that is traceable to the registered owner of the property. This aids the recovery of stolen property and the identification of the offender.

The Police are proactive in their investigations and visit offenders in prison. They found that 70% of those involved in acquisitive crime will not steal property that is marked with Smart Water, such is the deterent.   

How can you get it?

Bomere Heath and District Parish Councillors (BHDPC) have made a commitment to improve crime prevention within the Parish and agreed to fund a SmartWater scheme being promoted by the West Mercia Police Crime Commissioners (PCC). Smart Water kits normally retail at £25 each, so this was a fantastic opportunity to protect your property.

SmartWater kits were provided free of charge to every household within the BHDPC district. Each kit enabled up to 50 items to be marked and supplied with property marking stickers.

Signage was widely installed across the district to reinforce the use of SmartWater is use by every resident to further deter any would be thief. The kit property marking stickers are essential in ensuring any visiting thief is aware that your property is marked!

June 2020 - Kits pre registered and posted to every household.

We have a number of kits for ‚Äčany property which did not receive a kit. Please contact BHDPC clerk to arrange issue and registration of kit.


Bomere Heath & District Parish Council SmartWater