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Home Isolation Support

Bomere Heath & District Parish Council Home Isolation Support

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Service is for Residents in the Bomere Heath District

In response to the deepening COVID-19 (Coronavirus) epidemic, it is increasingly likely that residents in the Bomere Heath District will have to spend periods of isolation in their own homes. Whether it is for a voluntary precautionary period or a member of the household has been infected, the outcome is the same.  Individuals or families will be unable to leave their home and shop for essentials.

Hopefully in the majority of cases friends or family members will be able to step in to provide support. However there will be cases where there is no support and access to supermarket delivery services are already stretched and are likely to be able to meet all demands. Similarly individuals who have no internet access, are unlikely to be able to make any arrangements.

The Parish Council is intending to provide a coordinated service where local volunteers will collect and deliver essential shopping supplies to those individuals who have no support or are unable to make arrangements. The success of this service will be totally reliant upon voluntary support. 

If you have friends, family or willing neighbours who can shop for you, please do not use this service. 

How it will work

Asking for assistance

  • By Phone
  • Those in need will contact :the ‘Hot Line’ on 07960 215731 which will be manned between 9.00 a.m – 6.00p.m each day 
  • The call handler will take the contact details of the caller and a list of items that are required. Albeit not ideal, to avoid any cross contamination the order will also include the cost and use of non-returnable plastic shopping bags. The caller will be told a password that the volunteer will use when he/she contacts the caller, in order to prove their authenticity. 
  • The caller will be given an approximate time when the volunteer will call which can be any time during supermarket opening times.


  • By the Internet
  • Those in need should complete the on-line form at the bottom of this page.
  • The call handler will then send an email which will have the password which the volunteer will use and an electronic form which able the shopping list to be completed and sent back electronically


Volunteer Visit 

  • The volunteer will contact the caller by ‘phone to confirm a time of arrival. The caller will tell the volunteer where sufficient money will be left in an envelope to pay for the shopping which must be in a safe and accessible place outside the house.
  • It will be assumed that any money may be contaminated and only bank notes should be used. This will allow easy decontamination. Coins will not be accepted. 
  • On arrival the volunteer will collect the cash and will ring the bell / knock the door and stand back at all times at a safe distance.
  • When the volunteer returns he/she will leave the shopping on the doorstep, along with any change and a receipt, which will also be endorsed with the amount of cash provided. 
  • The volunteer will always maintain a safe distance from the person accepting the delivery.


Hot Line: 07960 215731


‚ÄčIf you require assistance please complete the below form.

If you would like to volunteer please click here

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