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Future Housing Needs Survey to Launch in Bomere Heath

By Andria Cox Bomere Heath & District Parish Council

Tuesday, 14 September 2021


Planning Policy Dept Shropshire Council


A Shropshire Council-led initiative to identify housing needs across the county will circulate this month in Bomere Heath. All residents in the parish will receive the survey through the post and are encouraged to complete it as soon as possible.

Right Home, Right Place, part of Shropshire Council’s Affordable Housing Team, have been running surveys in a number of towns and villages since 2018; the responses they receive through these surveys are invaluable in helping Shropshire Council identify whether there’s a hidden housing need in the area.

Edward West, Shropshire Council’s Planning Policy & Strategy Manager, said: “Throughout Shropshire, as with the rest of the country, we’re seeing a growing gap between the average salary and the average house price, which is making it very difficult for people to stay in the areas they’ve grown up in, gone to school, have family in or now work in.

“This can result in people moving elsewhere, which then has a knock-on effect on our towns and villages; schools close, pubs shut down, and we begin to lose various aspects of what makes our local communities thrive.

“There are many people who may be in housing need, from young professionals who are struggling to get on the ladder to families who need a larger home but can’t afford anything nearby, and older residents who need to downsize for cost or mobility reasons but can’t find anything suitable locally.

“Our job is to help identify what type of housing people need, and where it’s needed most. So even if people don’t currently have any housing needs, we still need to know - so we need everyone to take the survey. It’s an invaluable chance to have their say on the future housing in the parish.”

For more information or to take the survey online, visit

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