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Sandstone Wall Damage on the Grove Footpath, Bomere Heath...

By Dan Harmer Bomere Heath & District Parish Council

Saturday, 28 November 2020


Bomere Heath & District Parish Councillor


GROVE FOOTPATH UPDATE - We have cleared the path by the Grove following the recent accident so the path is now open. We are in contact with the council about how and when we can get the wall repaired.

The damage was kindly reported to Shropshire Council at the time of the accident in October and they made the area safe. However, due to how busy they are at the moment with other more pressing issues, the PC arranged to have this cleared by volunteers.

We have since found out who has caused the accident and have taken steps to repair the wall under the PC insurance.
We would ask that any issues in the parish be reported to the PC so that we can aid in getting it rectified.
We thank the residents that had photo evidence, without this the PC may have to pay for repairs from council tax money.
Anyone that sees damage in the parish, please let us know we can report it and take action.

This year we have lost 3 road signs due to car crashes that if we wish to replace will cost Shropshire Council or PC as there was no evidence of the cause.

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Mrs Sue Horton, Parish Clerk

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