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GRANT APPLICATIONS (Small Grants up to £2,000)

The Town Council values the community/voluntary sector and will consider a small grant to an organisation that benefits the local community of Craven Arms.

The Town Council has identified a budget for grant purposes which will be reviewed annually.

The Town Council will consider grants for a specific projects and also towards the annual running costs of an organisation/voluntary group provided the organisation is based, or has a local branch in Craven Arms Town Council Area.

The Town Council will not consider applications from individuals, from organisations intending to support or oppose any political party, or to discriminate in any way (e.g. on grounds of race or religion etc.) or from private organisations operating as a business to make a profit or surplus.

The Town Council will consider grant applications submitted by the same organisation/voluntary groups on an annual basis however grants will not be guaranteed for more than the one financial year.

Organisations/Voluntary Groups must complete the Town Councils Grant Application Form providing aims and purpose of the Group/organisation, number of persons benefiting from the group/organisation, details of project or use of grant towards the annual running costs and clearly demonstrated the benefit to the local community.

Full details of Project cost must be supplied and the requested grant from Craven Arms Town Council.

A copy of the organisations/voluntary group’s current financial position should be provided together with a copy of the Annual Budget and latest Financial Accounts.

LARGER GRANTS (over £2,000)

Subject to the Town Council having appropriate legal powers the Council will consider Revenue Support Grants towards the annual running costs of an organisation/voluntary Group which may be incorporated as an identifiable amount within the Councils Annual Budget with applications needing to be submitted by Organisations/Voluntary Groups in November of each Financial Year.

This will be subject to detailed budget and a copy of the previous financial accounts being provided and attendance at a Town Council meeting for a presentation by the organisation/voluntary group.

This will help the Town Council determine its Precept requirements for the following financial year and also enable that organisation/voluntary group to plan for the forthcoming Year.

A limited time period for this type of grant for example three years with an automatic reduction of one third in year two and third again in year three. This is to help an organisation in their formative years, or early stages but encourage them to plan thoroughly, and become financially self-supporting.

This will not prevent the organisation/voluntary group applying for a grant in respect of other specific projects.


The Town Council may also consider providing a specific Grant to organisations/voluntary groups, (subject to the Town Council having appropriate Legal Powers), from its Reserves however this would be for exceptional/specific one off request.

Please complete the attached application form to apply to the Council for consideration of a Grant