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Local Joint Committee

Craven Arms and Rural Local Joint Committee

Local Joint Committees (LJCs) enable people across Shropshire to get more involved in the decision making of the Shropshire Council.

 Each committee meets three times a year and gives people a chance to meet with their local councillors and to raise issues of concern about services or problems within their communities.

Local Joint Committees are legally constituted, decision-making committees and comprise of the local Shropshire councillors together with representatives from each of the town and parish councils within the area.

What do the Local Joint Committees do?

They act as a decision maker with regard to the local delivery of a range of services. They are able to determine expenditure of a delegated budget and to prioritise resource allocation in their area.

Local Joint Committees are able to scrutinise local service delivery and to call Shropshire Council's leading members or senior managers to attend meetings and explain decisions affecting their locality. They are also able to hold other public service providers to account and to refer matters of concern about service delivery to the council's scrutiny panels.

The committees act as the formal consultation mechanism for Shropshire Council, over and above that provided by local parish and town councils.

How do the meetings work?

Local Joint Committees allow local people to:

  • Get involved with democracy at a local level
  • Meet with and talk to local councillors and get them to explain their decisions and report back on progress
  • Influence ways in which money can be spent in the community

Each committee will give local people the opportunity to:

  • Get items which are important to them on the agenda
  • Discuss local issues and get information from other public organisations such as the police or primary care trust
  • See local decisions taken in an open and transparent way

For Information, Agendas and Minutes relating to the Craven Arms and Rural Local Joint Committee select the following link: