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Councillors and Clerk

If you wish to write/email or phone the Parish Council please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council or Chairman of the Parish Council or contact your local councillor details below.

Clerk to the Parish Council

Mr C E Williams, 2 Jockeyfields, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1PU


Phone: 01584 874661

Chairman of the Parish Council

Mr D J Mills Upper Dinchope Farm Craven Arms Shropshire SY7 9JJ


Phone: 01588 673202


Mr. R Conway Swallow Cottage Halford Craven Arms Shropshire SY7 9JG

Phone: 01588 672063


Mr. D Evans Halfryn, Halford, Craven Arms SY7 9JG

Phone: 01588 673204

Mr. N Stephens The Haven Clun Road Craven Arms Shropshire Sy7 9QW

Phone: 01588 673253


Mr T Willets Halford Mill Halford Craven Arms SY7 9JG


Phone: 01588 673698

Mrs Sharon Demos 43 Brooklands Park Craven Arms SY7 9RL


Phone: 01588 672845 Mobile 07805828787

Mr Nick Carter 1 Burnside Close Craven Arms SY7 9QW


Mrs V Bailey 14 Newington Way Craven Arms SY7 9PS

Mr A Jolly The Wood House Strefford Craven Arms SY78DE

Tel; 01588-676121 Email:




Powers and Duties of a Parish and Town Council

powers_and_duties.pdf File Uploaded: 4 May 2016 33.1 KB