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Craven Arms Town Council


The Town Council usually meets on the last Tuesday of a calendar month at the Craven Arms Community Centre Shrewsbury Road Craven Arms.

Meetings commence at 7.30pm at the commencement of each meeting the Town Council allows fifteen minutes for members of the public to address the Council on items included on the agenda.

if you wish an item to be placed on the Town Council agenda please contact the Clerk of the Council Mr C E Williams email: cewilliams1@gmail.com or phone 01584 874661 at least seven days before the meeting date.


Tuesday 26th June 2018

Tuesday 31st July 2018

Tuesday 28th August 2018 (If required)

Tuesday 25th September 2018

Tuesday 30th October 2018

Tuesday 27th November 2018

Tuesday 18th December 2018 (If required)

Tuesday 9th January 2018

Tuesday 29th January 2019

Tuesday 26th February 2019

Tuesday 26th March 2019

Tuesday 30th April 2019

Tuesday 28th May 2019 (Annual Public and Annual meeting of the Council)