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50/50 Draw

The Club runs a draw known as the '50/50 Draw'.

Tickets for the whole season are available to purchase, as part of Sign-On, by Regular Members, Social Members, and any friends and family. 50% of the proceeds go to Club funds, and 50% is paid out as prize money, over the year, to winning Draw Ticket holders.

Cut-off date for ticket purchase is prior to the first draw, which typically takes place in April or May. Each of the purchased tickets is assigned a number, from which each draw is made. The ticket remains valid for the season, and is entered into every draw. There are  monthly draws followed by an End-of-Season/Xmas draw. Each draw is witnessed by members of the Executive Committee present 

The Draw is administered by Lesley Whitefoot.

Draw numbers for each ticket purchased, and a list of all prizes winners for the current season are shown below and also displayed in the Club House.