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50/50 Draw

Each year, the Club runs a draw known as the '50/50 Draw'.

Tickets for the whole season were available to purchase, from Sign-On, by Regular Members, Friends of Crofton, and any friends and family. 50% of the proceeds go to Club funds, and 50% is paid out as prize money, over the year, to winning Draw Ticket holders.

Cut-off date for ticket purchase has now passed, prior to the first draw, which took place in April. Each of the purchased tickets was assigned a number, from which each draw is made. The ticket remains valid for the whole year, and is entered into every draw. There are six monthly draws, followed by an End-of-Season/ Xmas draw, each one of which tries to continues in the tradition of being drawn by the Club President, and witnessed by members of the Executive Committee present (albeit performed via online web-meetings in the first half of 2021).

The Draw is managed within the Executive Committee by Lesley Whitefoot.

Draw numbers for each ticket purchased, and a list of all 2021 prizes and winners to date, are shown below. The documents are password protected. If you require a reminder of the password, please contact the Club Assistant Secretary.