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Club Calendar

*** All calendar entries subject to change, during the Pandemic ***


Two views of the Crofton Bowling Club calendar are available here.

For each view option, the following facilities are available:

  • A single click/tap on a calendar entry will show more information about that entry.
  • You can choose to change how the calendar is shown..
    • click/tap the 'week'/'month'/'agenda' tabs for different views.
    • click/tap the left/right arrows (all views) to see previous/next periods
    • click/tap on the date range drop-down, to select different dates to view
    • scroll up/down ('week' and 'agenda' views only) to view more items.
  • As calendar entries may be added, changed or deleted without notice,
    • ​printing is not recommended
    • if this page has been open on your device for any length of time, reload/refresh the page to ensure you are always viewing the latest entries.

1 - A quick view of the calendar in website-view only (a limited display size) is available immediately below.

  • To add this calendar to your own Google Calendar, click the '+' symbol on the bottom right of the calendar image below
Quick-view Calendar

2 - To view the calendar in full screen view, click/tap on the calendar icon, below, to open the calendar in another tab/window.

Additional Options

In addition to viewing this calendar 'on demand' from this page, options exist to..

  • copy individual entries from this club calendar to the member's own calendar
  • add this calendar to the list of calendars visible on the member's smart device and/or personal computer

Techniques for both of these options differ according to a combination of the user's type of device, operating system and current calendar application.

  • See first section above for adding this calendar to your own Google Calendar
  • For those with a 'Google' id (sign-on), this external page should provide information on how to perform this for various device types / operating systems / calendar applications.
  • For others, querying a search engine (such as Google) may produce results with appropriate guidance.

For information, the club calendar is a 'Google' calendar, under the id '', and has an attribute of 'public shared'; its calendar entries typically have the attribute 'show as available'.

Calendar Entries - Colour Codes

When viewing the club calendar in 'full screen' view (option 2 above), to enable such a view showing colour coding of 'bullets' typically requires certain calendar settings by each individual viewer/user, and may be more readily available for those with a Google id. These settings typically vary according to device type, operating system and calendar application. Again searching the internet may provide suitable information. A 'coloured bullets' view may therefore not be available to any individual viewer/user.

For information, each entry in our club calendar has a coloured bullet. The colour codes represent:

  • Pink ('Flamingo') - Ladies' P&D Team
  • Blue ('Blueberry') - Men's P&D Team
  • Light Blue ('Peacock') - Men's MWT A Team
  • Grey-Blue ('Lavender') - Men's MWT B Team
  • Red ('Tomato') - G&F MxTL Red Team
  • Green ('Basil') - G&F MxTL Green Team
  • Grey ('Graphite') - G&F MxTL White Team
  • Yellow ('Banana') - G&F MxTL Amber Team
  • Orange ('Tangerine') - Club Events
  • Purple ('Grape') - Friendlies & other InterClub Events
  • Light Green ('Sage') - Meetings & similar Administrative gatherings