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We have several qualified, registered and insured coaches.

Coaching is available on a regular basis throughout the season, free to regular members whether new or long-established, or as an introduction course to new bowlers who are considering becoming regular Members and which generally consists of 4 two-hour sessions. An introduction course is to be booked through the Club's Lead Coach (contact below).

A new bowler not yet a regular member wishing to attend such an introduction course is required also to register as a temporary playing member of the club for a nominal fee, which is credited if the bowler then becomes a regular member. The application form will be made available by the supervising Coach, at the time of booking, for completion and return by the new bowler.

To book, or should published days or times of courses not be suitable, please get in touch with one of our coaches.

Bowls shoes, which can be loaned to new bowlers, must be worn.


A coach (EBCS/BDA Registered) can provide the basic Knowledge which can be converted into Skill by the player.


A coach can help a player to analyse why the bowl will not go where it was meant to go consistently. This could make the difference between frustration and success.


Through using the knowledge gained the coach can start the player on the road to success by developing the skill levels and providing purposeful practices to maintain them.


For prospective & new members, please get in touch for coaching enquiries via our 'contact us' page.

Crofton Bowling Club Coaching