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Rink Booking Guidance

A rink booking is required for each match or roll-up being played.

Rink bookings are to be made in the rink bookings folder in the main clubhouse identifying the type of match, date and start time, and contact.

Priority for rink bookings is according to the following sequence:

  1. County/National Competition
  2. County/National Games
  3. Portsmouth and District Competition
  4. Portsmouth and District Matches
  5. Gosport and Fareham Competition
  6. Gosport and Fareham League
  7. Club Competitions
  8. Friendlies
  9. Roll Ups

Rinks are to be agreed between Captains/Players at least 24 hours prior to the game

Concurrent P&D Ladies' matches and P&D Men's Mid Week Triples matches shall, if necessary, alternate and play on one of the outside rinks. 

If no agreement can be reached for any of the above, then the Club Captain's decision (or, in his/her absence, the Vice Captain's decision, or if neither are available, the decision of a Member of the Executive Committee) shall be final.