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Membership Subscription Renewal

On this page are the 2022 Membership subscription renewal ('Signing On') documents. Separate forms are available (click/tap here) for new members.

There are four different documents;

  1. Renewal Invitation Letter
    • This letter from our new President Richard Mitchell welcomes you to a new year of bowling and also contains some useful dates for your diary.
  2. Club 50/50 Draw Form
    • This form enables you to support the club by buying tickets for the ‘50/50 Club Draw’
  3. Payments Form
    • Please fill in this form to indicate
      • Subscription Money.
      • Internal Club Competition fees
      • Number of 50/50 draw tickets
  4. Team Preferences Form
    • No matter what your ability it’s great to feel part of the club by becoming part of one of the teams in the G&F (Gosport and Fareham) League.
    • Tick your preferences to help with team selection.

Please download and print off the documents.

When complete you can return them to the club treasurer either by attending the Sign-On day in the clubhouse on 17 February 2022 2-4pm, 6-7pm, or by returning them online to Angela Crawford (the treasurer).

Details of your payment options are on the form or you can read about them here on the 'Payments by Members' page.

Don’t forget to sign your document and let us know of any change in your contact details.

A mail (e-mail or hard-copy) has been sent to each Member by the Membership/Assistant Secretary, with each of the four documents attached. To view, please click/tap the appropriate document below.

Each of the documents below is password-protected, for Members only. Please contact the Membership/Assistant Secretary if a password reminder is required.

In case of further query on the content of this page, or in any of the above documents, please contact the Membership/Assistant Secretary.