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Membership Subscription Renewal

On this page are the 2021 Membership subscription renewal ('Signing On') documents for renewing members.

The arrangements for Membership Renewal (‘signing-on’) are, as may be expected, necessarily different for 2021, owing to the continued pandemic restrictions. The process will still take place at the usual time of year, but there will be no ‘in person’ signing-on sessions at the Clubhouse.

The arrangements are described in the 2021 Renewal Invitation & Guidance Letter, below. Members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the contents of this document.

For subscription renewal, the primary document for completion is the 'membership subscription renewal & payment form', available below. There are also other documents, as described in the Renewal Invitation & Guidance Letter. A mail (e-mail or hard-copy) has been sent to each Member by the Assistant Secretary, with each of the first four documents, below, attached. To view, please click/tap on the appropriate document below.

Please complete and submit appropriate documents and your payment, as directed in the Renewal Invitation & Guidance Letter.

Payment options/methods are also described here.

Prospective new members are welcome, but should complete a membership application form, and not use these renewal documents.

Each of the documents below is password-protected, for Members only. Please contact the Assistant Secretary if a password reminder is required.

In case of further query on the content of this page, or in any of the above documents, please contact the Assistant Secretary.