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Devon County Indoor Bowls Association

Devon Colts

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Colts: Annual Under-21s Singles Competition (4/2 Honiton)

On Sunday 4th of February the annual under 21 singles competition took place at the Honition I.B.C.. This was played with 4 groups of 4 players on a round robin basis of 2 sets of 5 ends. In each group the top two progressed to the quarter finals which was 2 sets of 5 ends. The winners of each quarter final moved onto the semi final were the match was 2 sets of 7 ends. The 4 players in the semi final were:-

Scott Eveleigh  v Jordan Kingshot - this game ended with a straight two set win for Scott 

Louise Matthews v James Windsor - this game ended in a one set all tie so went to a 3 end tie break which was won by James 2-1 

Scott and James will now play the final at County weekend final days, 

Well done to not only these 4 players but all 16 that took part in the competition - there was some great bowling by all the players with some being as young as 10 years old. 

Well done to not only these 4 players but all 16 that took part in the competition there was some great bowling by all the players with some being as young as 10 years old. 

I would like to thank the Honiton Club for hosting this competition once again and especially the hard working ladies in the kitchen; also a big thank you to all the people that kindly helped to mark these games and not forgetting Tracy for preparing everything for the day and for the help given by John Berry as well.

The next Colts game is at Kingsley on Sunday 18th of February with a midday start time 

Mike Sellick


Colts v Somerset (Sunday 28th January 2018 at Mid Devon)

A disappointing result for the Devon Colts when they took on the Somerset under 25s at Mid Devon I.B.C. - a loss by 15 shots. Colts fielded players from Axminster, Honition, Exonia, Dawlish, Torbay, Torquay United, Madeira and Plymouth.

Rink scores as follows:-

James Windsor (A) /Shania Oliver (P) /Courtney Seers (P) /Stephen Apsey (A)     23-10

v  L Steel /P Loaring /J Sparey /A Sparey;   

Ben Mitchell (D) /Jordan Kingshott (D) /Jack Lenton (T.U) /Sean Howard               15-22   

v J Day /J Woodland /E Corner /R Hooper   

Hannah Morfey (H) /Ryan Seers (M) /Connor Thompson (P) /Chris Dolmore (P)    13-26   

v J Pugh /T Sparey /O Starr, /L Whitt              

Louise Matthews (P) /Amy Brooks (P) /Scott Eveleigh (E) /Kieran Daniels (E)         13-21   

v  O Collins /M King /I Cracknell /L Hembrow

The return match is at Taunton Deane on Sunday 4th of March with a 2pm start time

This weekend the 4th of February starting at 09-30am is the under 21 round robin single at Honition I.B.C. This year's competition is for any player under the age 21 on the 1st of October 2017. If you have some free time come along and watch these youngsters in action; also anyone willing to mark some of the games would be much appreciated.


Sunday 14th January 2018 at Tiverton 

On Sunday 14th of January the Devon Colts travelled to the Mid Devon I.B.C. at Tiverton, where a very enjoyable afternoon was had by all and ended with a two rink win for each side and  a 13 shot win overall for the Devon Colts. Well done to all the players involved in a great win for the Colts.


 Rink results are as follows Including the rink of                      Amy, Jordanna,Scott, Kieran picking up a HOT SHOT 


Amy Brooks,Jordanna Broom,Scott Eveleigh, Kieran Daniels    41    v  D Gardener,T Gribble, G Davis, D Robison, 8 (The hot shot rink)

Jordan Kingshott,Leanne Evans, Shania Oliver,Courtney Seers,25    v  D Smith,D Johnson,M Lewis, B French      16

Tyler Fielder, Caitlin Barnes,Hannah Morfey, Chris Dolmore     13    v  I Turner, C Lewis,C Gardener,B Poole         34

Connor Fielder, Holly Whitting,Jack Lenton, Sean Howard        17    v  T Cooper,A O'Shea,K White,A Cullard        25

This was followed at the end of the game with a first class bowlers tea supplied by Mary and her band of helpers, after tea Hannah Morfey captain of the day for the Colts thanked the club for inviting them for the match also the tea ladies and all the people that had brought the players to the match.

After two weekends following the colts now have a rest until the 28th of January when they take on the Somerset Under 25s again at the Mid Devon I.B.C. with a 2pm start time.

Mike and Tracy  - Devon Colts Team Managers

Colts v Dawlish (7/1/18)

On Sunday 7th of January the Devon Colts made their first visit to the Dawlish I.B.C. After a couple of frantic phone calls, "we are stuck in traffic" and "we are completely lost " from some of the players, they then took on an experienced team from the Dawlish club. Mixed fortunes on the green ended with an overall loss by 16 shots with rink scores as follows:-

T. Potter, Z.Clench, S.Oliver, J.Windsor 28-16 v H Joyce, S.Worthington, R.Taylor, R.Purnell (Colts top rink presented with Colts pens).

B.Mitchell, A.Moore, J.Lenton, J.Kingshott 24-24 v K.Taylor, B.Morris, K.Marshalsea, C.Parker

L Matthews, H.Pullen, R.Seers, C.Seers 7 -35 v P.Smith, A.Dickenson, D.Coyle, R.Smith

Jordan Kingshott (Dawlish) captain of the day for the Colts thanked the club for inviting them to play and he also thanked the tea ladies for an excellent bowlers tea that was taken after 10 ends and to every one else involved in the day.

The Colts next game is at Mid-Devon I.B.C on Sunday 14th of January with a 1-30 start-time.

Mike and Tracy Team Managers

Devon Colts v Dorset under 18s

On Sunday 10th of December the Devon Colts played a match against the Dorset under 18s at the Axminster I.B.C, this was a new fixture for 2017 and was much enjoyed by all the players from both counties.

Players from Axminster, Dawlish, Plymouth & Torquay United took part for the Colts which was a close game ending                Devon 49  Dorset 56  a 7 shot win for the visitors. 

The top rink for  the Devon Colts was Ben Mitchell (Dawlish), Holly Whitting (Plymouth),Tyler Fielding (Plymouth) and skip James Windsor (Axminster).

Overall scores:

James Windsor 23 v Zoe 15,  Jack Lenton 8 v Austin 20  & Shania Oliver 18 v Jamie 21                              

After the match everyone sat down to a bowlers tea supplied by members of  the Axminster Club, captain of the day James thanked the club for all their help they had given with regards to the game which was appreciated by everyone, he also thanked the tea team for a lovely tea.

The Colts managers then welcomed Sid and Joy from Dorset and said they hoped that this would become a permanent fixture in the future between the two counties.  Pens were presented to the Colts top rink of  Ben, Holly, Tyler and James. Sid and Joy thanked the Axminster club, the tea team and everyone who brings the players to these games, as without them the games would not take place, they also wished everyone all the best for Christmas and the New Year and looked forward to seeing them in a busy January next year.

The next game for the Colts is another new fixture against the Dawlish I.B.C. on Sunday 7th January with a 1-30 start time.

Mike and Tracy  - Devon Colts Team Managers 


DEVON COLTS v Plymouth Life Centre

On Sunday the 3rd of December players from the Devon Colts visited the Plymouth Life Centre for a match against the Plymouth Indoor Bowling Club. Players from Plymouth, Dawlish, Torbay Bay, Exonia, Honition and Kingsley took part which ended in a win by 9 shot to the home club.

Top rink for the Devon Colts was the rink of Ben Mitchell (Dawlish) James Bruce (Plymouth) Hannah Morfey (Honition) and Skip Kieran Daniels (Exonia) and were presented with Colts pens. the overall scores were

Kieran Daniels 20 v P Carmichael 11

Courtney Seers 14 v  H Avent 14

Chris Dolmore 10  v M Avent 25      

 Connor Thompson 19 v L. Samford 22

Also 4 of the younger Colts players had a separate match against  4 of the Plymouth younger players which ended in a good win for the Colts it was great to see these young players enjoying their bowling.

At tea captain of the day Shania thanked the club for all the help that they had given to the Colts which was  very much appreciated by everyone. Shania also thanked the tea lady for her help.

The team manager then presented Colts Badges to Sean Howard (Torbay) and Hannah Pullen (Dawlish) also Bronze National Youth awards to Tom Potter and Andrew Moore both from the Dawlish Club, he also thanked every one at the club and confirmed that the match would take place again next year on Sunday December 2nd.

The next game for the Colts is a new fixture against the Dorset under 18s on the 10th of December at Axminster with a  1-30 start time  so fed up with Christmas shopping then why not pop along and watch these young players in action.

Devon Colts Team Manager - Mike Sellick




On Sunday 19th of November the Devon Colts played their second game of the season against the Torbay I.B.C.Players from Axminster, Dawlish, Honiton Torquay United, Madiera and Plymouth took part in the four rink game which ended with defeat on all four rinks although it was very close on two of the rinks one losing by one and another by 2 shots.

The best rink of the day who received Devon Colts pens were James Windsor (Axminster) Holly Whitting (Plymouth) Shania Oliver (Plymouth) and Courtney Seers (Plymouth).

After sitting down to a bowlers tea after the game captain of the day Jack Lenton thanked the Torbay Club for all the help with arranging the game and it was hoped that they would be able to play them again next season. He finished by saying on behalf of everyone a big thank to the caterers for a wonderful tea.

Devon Colts badges were presented to Andrew Moore from Dawlish and Holly Whitting from Plymouth both playing in their first game for the county.

The next game for the Colts is on December the 3rd at Plymouth and that is followed by a match against Dorset at the Axminster Club on December 10th.

Mike Sellick and Tracy Crawford - Devon Colts Team Managers