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Match Reports



Match played at Mid Devon on Sunday 19th March 2022

What a shame the final of the Top Club was not attended by our members as it was a very good game between both teams.

Covid restricted any member wishing to view from the clubhouse as Mid Devon had officially closed, but thankfully they agreed to open just for the finals to go ahead.

I am grateful to Lynda and her management for the refreshments and hospitality on the day.

A good game was played by all concerned. However, I feel the best viewing was of the 2 wood singles where there was a great Torbay comeback. On the 14th end Plymouth had been 11-4 up, the final result being Torbay 22 - 11 Plymouth.

Well done to all who took part in this competition.

Torbay won overall by 3 disciplines to 2.

Regards Chris

(Chris Beer, DCIBA Competition Secretary)



Double delight for Devon

Team Manager Kevin Phillips writes:-

Devon are through to the next round of both the Liberty Trophy and O60`s Inter-County with wins against Somerset & Hampshire.

Liberty Trophy (at Isca 15/1/22): Devon 131 Somerset 81

Rink scores:-

M Powell; L Phillips; S Eveleigh; J Hampton v A Colebroke 15 – 19

O Lucas; G Bellamy; M Bass; I Bond v M Hamilton 23 – 15

P Hackett; N Thomas; K Phillips; R Whitlock v J Amery 18 – 8

R Condon; R Honeywell; S Evans; S Tolchard v G Shadwell 26 – 8

P Stone; D Tuckett; S Broom; I Lesley v P Bryant 35 – 15

J Heard; M Perrott; K Kniveton; L Ridout v D McGovern 14 – 16

Next opponents are Wiltshire

O60`s Inter-County (at Dorchester 18/1/22): Devon134 Hampshire 102

Rink scores:- A Chapman; J Knox; R Honeywell; S Evans v R Bines 23 – 13

G Bellamy; R Avent; D Singleton; M Avent v B Starks 18 – 28

P Stone; J Young; M Powell; K Phillips v S Whitehead 32 – 9

K Litchfield; A Demuth; R Penfold; G Lawrence v B Barber 27 – 16

I Foster; D Vinnicombe; G Coffield; A Bowden v G Robinson 14 – 23

J Berry; B Gilpin; D Mallett; P Downs v C Thresher 20 - 13

Next opponents are Essex



Devon Under 25’s played Somerset in the National Inter County Double Rink competition at Mid Devon on Sunday 19 December 2021. Somerset who had the more experienced side took the initiative and by the half way mark had extended their lead to in excess of 20 shots. However in the second half of the game Devon made a positive response and ultimately despite a valiant effort finally lost the match 42-35.

The rinks representing Devon were

Andrew Moore(Daw), Chris Moore(Daw),Connor Thompson(Ply),Scott Eveleigh(Ex)

Connor Fielder(Ply),Tyler Fielder(Ply),Ryan Seers(Mad),Kieran Kniveton(Ply)

Reserves Chris Raddon(ISCA) and Brady Bolt(Ex)

John Berry



Played at Nottingham on 02/10/2021

Result: Devon 128  Durham 122

Devon edged Durham 128-122 in a tight Liberty final at Nottingham today to take the much delayed 2019-20 Liberty title.

Ian Bond 25-24 Paul Mosley; Sam Tolchard 27-7 Paul Smithson; Ryan Whitlock 11-30 Vinny O'Neill

Louis Ridout 29-23 David Bolt; Ian Lesley 19-18 Paul Hartley; Jamie Chestney 17-20 Gary Smith

Devon Rinks:-

Ollie Lucas, Ryan Clements, Rob Paxton, Ian Bond

Bob Condon, Rob Honeywell, Stuart Evans, Sam Tolchard

Kieran Kniveton, Neal Thomas, Kevin Phillips, Ryan Whitlock

Jamie Heard, Mark Perrott, Harry Goodwin, Louis Ridout

Paul Stone, Geoff Ballamy, Simon Broome, Ian Lesley

Scott Eveleigh, Mick Powell, James Jampton, Jamie Chestney

Worth waiting for! Congratulations to all the playing squad and to all concerned!



Played at Mid Devon on 15/03/2020

Result: Exonia 4 Plymouth 1

Details (Exonia scores first):-

2 wood singles: S.Broom 21  R.Avent 20

4 wood singles: L.Ridout 21  v  Z.Kidd 12

Pairs: I.Lesley, J.Hooper 25  M.Griffin, O.Lucas 8

Triples: J.Hampton, K.Phillips, P.Stone 10  v  P.Daley, D.Mallett, S.Evans 14

Rinks: R.Whitlock, K.Kniveton, M.Powell, J.Young 18 M.Avent, R.Penfold, T.Salter. K.Litchfield 17

Congratulations to Exonia

Chris Beer

Team Competitions Organizer


09/02/20: Under-25s National Double Rink: Devon v Somerset

On Sunday 9 February Devon played Somerset in the Quarter Final of the
Under 25 National Inter County Double Rink Competition. The match was
played with one rink at each Exonia and Ilminster.
Over recent times Devon has a 100% winning record against Somerset
however from the outset of this match it was apparent Somerset were
intent on reversing their fortunes. Whilst the match at Exonia remained
close throughout the early significant lead secured by Somerset at
Ilminster proved decisive.
Despite Devon’s best attempts at both venues on this occasion Somerset
ran out victors 45-29 and they will now play Essex in the Semi-Finals.
The players who represented Devon this year were:- Kieran Daniels(Ex),
Sean Howard(Tby), Scott Eveleigh(Ex), Kieran Kniveton(Ex), Connor
Fielder(Ply), Luke Fisher(Ex), Will Stevens(Ex), Harry Goodwin(Ex) and
Tyler Fielder(Ply).
My thanks to the players for their efforts and support and hopefully we
can look forward to reaching the final stages next year.
John Berry


22/12/19: Under-25s National Double Rink: Devon v Dorset

On Sunday 22 December Devon played Dorset at Axminster in the Under 25 National Double Rink competition.
From the outset Devon controlled the match and with all players making a positive contribution the outcome was a successful win for Devon 40-24.
In the next round we will play Somerset and this will be on Sunday 9 February, venue to be arranged.

John Berry