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County Honours

CHAMPIONS                         RUNNERS-UP

COUNTY TROPHY     [AF Rihill Cup]                                                                             

2018-2019     EXONIA                               Torquay United

2017-2018     EXONIA                               Plymouth

2016-2017     PLYMOUTH                        Torquay United

2015-2016    TORQUAY UNITED              Madeira

2014-2015   TORQUAY UNITED               North Devon

2013-2014    EXONIA                                Plymouth

2012-2013    TORQUAY UNITED              Torbay


TOP CLUB  [A P Wheeler & P Comer Cup]

2019-2020 EXONIA                                 Plymouth

2018-2019 EXONIA                                 Plymouth

2017-2018 PLYMOUTH                           Torbay

2016-2017 TORQUAY UTD                     Exonia

2015-2016 EXONIA                                 Plymouth

2014-2015 PLYMOUTH                          Torbay

2013-2014 EXONIA                                 Kingsley

2012-2013  TORQUAY UTD                   Exonia


OVER 60's COUNTY TROPHY  [R H J  Burch Cup]

2018-2019 PLYMOUTH                         TORQUAY UNITED

2017-2018 TORBAY                                EXONIA

2016-2017 PLYMOUTH                         TORQUAY UNITED

2015-2016  ISCA                                     TORQUAY UNITED

2014-2015  PLYMOUTH                        TORBAY

2013-2014  ISCA                                     EXONIA

2012-2013  EXONIA                               TORBAY


INTER CLUB  -  DIVISION ONE  [Gordon Thomas Cup]

2019-2020  EXONIA                       PLYMOUTH-A

2018-2019  PLYMOUTH A              EXONIA

2017-2018  PLYMOUTH A              TORBAY

2016-2017  PLYMOUTH A              EXONIA

2015-2016   PLYMOUTH A             EXONIA


INTER CLUB  -  DIVISION TWO   [Keith Ewins Cup]

2019-2020      TORBAY B              MID DEVON

2018-2019      ISCA SILVER          SOUTH HAMS

2017-2018      PLYMOUTH B          MID DEVON

2016-2017      KINGSLEY               HONITON

2015-2016       TORBAY B              SOUTH HAMS


COUNTY SINGLES [ Champion -Tom Bridge Cup, Runner Up Secretay's Cup]

2018-2019      J Kelly  (PLYMOUTH)             T Edwards (South Hams)

2017-2018      P Wade (KINGSLEY)              I Turner (Mid Devon)

2016-2017      K Daniels (EXONIA)               G Bellamy (Torquay United)

2015-2016      Z Kidd (PLYMOUTH)              J Stone (Torbay)

2014-2015      S Evans (PLYMOUTH)           A Reed (Isca)

2013-2014      S Evans (PLYMOUTH)           A Read (Isca)

2012-2013      R Paxton (EXONIA)                A Reed (Isca)



2018-2019  K.Kniveton,  K.Phillips, J.Hampton (EXONIA)    G.Osborne, S.Coles, I.Veitch (Honiton)

2017-2018  J.Sayer, J.Stone,  R.Gilpin           (TORBAY)         K.Daniels, K.Phillips, L.Phillips  (Exonia)

2016-2017 A Bowden, P Hackett   J Read    (TORBAY)         A Reed, G Howland  J Berry (Isca)

2015-2016  T Powell, E Knight  A Wickham (TORBAY)         P Stone, J Hampton K Phillips (Exonia)


UNBADGED PAIRS  [David Butterworth Cup]    [replaces Unbadged Singles from 2018]

2018-2019  ISCA       (P.O'Callaghan & A.Parsons)          Isca              (C.Newman & P.Goodwin)

2017-2018  TORBAY (Sam David & Mark Powell)           MId Devon (Ian Turner & Grenville Barnet)


UNBADGED SINGLES  [David Butterworth Cup] [replaced by Unbadged Pairs from 2018]   

2016-2017  K Daniels (EXONIA)              A Hammett (South Hams)

2015-2016  P Martin (PLYMOUTH)        J Hoaen (Mid Devon))

2014-2015   J Stone   (TORBAY)             K Daniels (Honiton))

2013-2014  D Hoaen (EXONIA)               J Stone (Torbay)

2012-2013   B Davy   (PLYMOUTH)        J Stone (Torbay)


UNDER 21's SINGLES [Derek Viles Cup]

2018-2019  C Fielder     (PLYMOUTH)     E Crouch  (Torquay Utd)

2017-2018  J Windsor    (AXMINSTER)     S Eveleigh  (Exonia)

2016-2017  S Eveleigh    (EXONIA)            J Smith (Honiton)

2015-2016  K Daniels      (EXONIA)           S Everleigh (Honiton)

2014-2015  S Eveleigh    (HONITON)       S Apsey  (Axminster)

2013-2014  L Crawford  (HONITON)       L Jones (Mid Devon)

2012-2013   J Hampton (EXONIA)            Z Kidd (Plymouth)


CHARLES PARROTT CUP  [Charles Parrott Cup]

2018-2019     ISCA                                    South Hams

2017-2018     ISCA                                    Exonia

2016-2017     TORBAY                              Torquay United

2015-2016     BUDLEIGH SALTERTON    South Hams

2014-2015     MID DEVON                        Plymouth

2013-2014     NORTH DEVON                  Plymouth

2012-2013     ISCA                                     Budleigh Salterton                                                                         


                             WESTPORT TROPHY

                            2019-2020 DEVON

                            2018-2019 DEVON

                            2017-2018 DEVON

                            2016-2017 DEVON

                            2015-2016 DEVON

                            2014-2015 DEVON

                            2013-2014 DEVON

                            2012-2013 CORNWALL