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Finance & Risk

A member of Farnsfield Parish Council’s Finance and Risk Committee performs a detailed quarterly review on all finances on behalf of the council and present their findings and the next appropriate full council meeting. 

The Council employ an independent internal auditor to assess the finances procedures in place to ensure honesty and efficiency, risk management and adequate internal control systems.

Farnsfield Parish Council conducts the auditing process as outlined in the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2014, The Transparency Code for smaller councils (under £25,000) and The Transparency Code for larger councils (over £200,000) does not legislatively apply.

Budget - The Budget status is analysed quarterly at the Finance and Risk Committee meeting

Agreed Budget 2022-23 File Uploaded: 2 February 2022 388 KB Agreed Budget 2021-22 File Uploaded: 11 May 2021 119.8 KB

End of Year and Archived Accounts